ACIM Lesson 201

Lesson 201: Review:  “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “I trust my brothers, who are one with me.”

The Introduction here says, “Each of these ideas alone would be sufficient for salvation if learned truly.” 

Jesus knows that the ego loves to complicate all things. 

The ego likes to make things so complicated that they then become out of our reach to understand and integrate them.  The Course includes many, many sentences in its entire 1900 pages.  Jesus knows the way the ego gets stuck in the whole dance of making things over complicated and then unreachable emotionally and intellectually.  Jesus is so gentle and kind and wants us to at last get this Course philosophy.  Once we understand, this will be the way we maintain our peace when practiced.  Jesus cares we don’t miss a minute of being with God since this is our truly happy time.  The Course says keep it simple.

We don’t need a thousand ways of saying what the Course wants us to know.

But we have them in case it helps to have repetition to give our minds time to learn sufficiently.  

We don’t need a thousand sentences on which to focus.

The Course provides them in case we want some extra emphasis to truly make the ideas stick.  However, the Course says that all we need is to understand one sentence of the Course and then we will get it all.

We then will reach God because we become energetically aligned with God in the resounding of the sentences. 

The Course reminds us that we need to simply learn once sentence.

However, we must bring our commitment with us and learn this one sentence wholly. 

We want to make sure we are not just showing up with a meager amount of willingness, too little to use, but to make the clear decision and some grit to bring that willingness to God’s message from the Course.

This is the way to totally groove in the message of the Course when we allow our minds to be truly available to hear it. 

This can’t be emphasized enough and it is an essential part of the success of our learning curve. 

We must do our part to make ourselves available for the teaching. 

Then we can simply sit back and relax.  We don’t have to take on some huge portion of learning the Course’s philosophy.   What we must do is appreciate that the Course may be huge in number of pages, but the message is very simple and easy when we get to know it.  This is why we don’t want to feel overwhelmed about learning the Course.  The messages are few, just explained in a whole spectrum of ways.  Our task is to let learning of the Course be simple and remember to keep our minds in a simple state as well.


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