ACIM Lesson 304

Lesson 304: “What is the Second Coming?”  “Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.”

This lesson says, “Perception is a mirror, not a fact.” 

That gets right to the point. 

This is a very simple concept and yet it is also virtually foreign for us on some level. 

The world sure looks like a fact.

It is physical and dense and appears to have shape and form in ways generally we can even measure.

Hard to believe anyone who says that is not a fact.  It looks like one indeed.

The amazing news is that this is all simply a reflection of our thinking.

The world is simply a mirror of the energy and thought in our minds projected outward. 

This means the world is exactly as we make it in our minds.

Everything in the world becomes manifested in some state we find there that seems entirely real.

We have even the hardest time entertaining when it comes down to it that the world can be anything other than fact and form as we see it.  

The slightest bit of doubt is what we need to open our minds to something else than the ego and the world and the contents of our current energetic state. 

It is a huge reach to even consider this as possibly something else.  

We must forgive ourselves for just being so used to the ego’s same agenda that we don’t even consider that the world we see can be anything other than the fact it appears to our minds to be.  

The Course reminds us to  just sit with the awareness for a while that our world is a mirror of our minds. 

Just sit and acknowledge this with that gentle prodding into that space we hold for possibility in our minds. 

It can be a huge step to take to get to the deeper sinking in of this information. 

This just seems contrary to everything we think we know and experience so changing our mind about it can feel quite daunting.

The Course is just asking us to sit with ourselves and with God when we allow this deep awareness to penetrate our  being. 

We can sit and sit for a while because sometimes we can have every reaction about it in the book, every rejection, every resistance. 

We can fight this knowledge with passion because it feels so strange.

This is why just being gentle with ourselves and clear is ever so helpful in the process. 

We have compassion for ourselves while we buck in the process of getting to an even pace of waking up. 

We have compassion while we are ever so clear and assert boundaries for ourselves, so that our compassion does not, down the line, prevent us from taking another step in waking up when it is an appropriate time to do so. 

This balance allows us to be as happy and light and easy in the process as well.


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