Lesson 271 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, September 28, 2015

Lesson 271: “What is the Christ?” “Christ’s is the vision I will use today.”

The Course says that Christ is all of us.  The Course says that we are all simply one energy and therefore one being and we all contribute to the Christ essence.  I really appreciate that the Course is not making the Christ into some ultra perfect and therefore unreachable entity.  We often hear from Christian churches that Christ is better that we are.  They say we may aspire to be like Him but in fact this will never come about in reality because we are so much lower than Jesus Christ.

The Course says that we are in fact equal to the Christ in terms of our worth and in capacity to live a miracle minded life and as blessed as the children of God.  This means we don’t have to go through life feeling guilty for not making the mark.  God says we are nothing less than perfectly innocent because God says so.  Therefore we don’t have to suffer at the hand of our emotional backlash when we start to think we are not as worthy as the Christ.   It turns out that we simply must appreciate that Jesus has more experience in choosing the miracle minded moment to moment existence.  This is why He has some advantage.  He is just more practiced than we are.  This doesn’t mean He is more favored.  It simply means that He is able to live in perpetual peace because His insides are not in conflict with themselves- He is good at choosing Love all the time.

This means we don’t have to get in line to get to God.  Those of us in the Christ consciousness- meaning all of us Who are the children of God- don’t have to submit to some insane pecking order from where we operate.  We don’t have to feel badly about our lack of experience in comparison to Jesus.  We simply can understand He just has His time to be advanced in the now.  This doesn’t automatically mean we can’t do the same.  The fact is we don’t have to wait lifetimes to get to the aligned life of being in the Godly mindset always.  The Course says this can take a long time or it can take nothing more than an instant.  We can simply appreciate that we can reach this highly advanced state of the continual Christ consciousness if we feel so moved.  With the guidance of God, this is an easy thing.  All we have to do is show up and be willing to be vigilant in our thinking about choosing a walk of peace regardless of what comes.

The Course teaches us to let go of our areas of being stuck.  When we feel upset or emotionally rattled by ideas we have come to believe throughout our existence this simply does not serve us.  We end up being stressed and blocked about this.  With the baggage of this kind that we carry we simply aren’t able to live in miracle mindedness and within forgiveness.  Sometimes these ideas that block us simply stunt us emotionally.  What happens is we become less able to make healthy and happy choices about choosing God each time there is a decision to be made.  When we are stuck we will spend all of our time trying to cope with the emotional unresolved issues.

The Course is teaching us to stay vigilant about continuing to forgive these mistaken beliefs about ourselves and each other.  Give all the baggage to God’s altar.  This is so we don’t end up feeling lost and incapable and letting go these old ideas we bring from the past.  We want to have a clear heart without the baggage and dedication to drama.  Give this old false thinking to God and let Him heal it; and be willing to live newly now without it.  This is the way to be able to function well emotionally.  If we constantly have our old issues arising in our minds, we end up not being able to deal with whatever comes up in the present.  We are already busy tending to the left overs.
Let’s use this opportunity of doing to Course to let go of what ever does not serve us.


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