ACIM Lesson 303

Lesson 303: “What is the Second Coming?”  “The holy Christ is born in me today.”  

This lesson says, “It is not Christ that can be crucified.” 

The Course reminds us that Christ is not one single person. 

The Christ is an essence- that which of God, which we all share equally. 

Lots of people believe that Jesus Christ was a person and a supreme being who was then crucified. 

The Course gives us a broader vision of what the Christ is.

It turn out that the Christ is within all of us. 

The “Christ”- as the Course capitalizes it- is then a reference to that part of all of us that is God. 

Jesus was probably a wonderful teacher to follow and learn from and we can certainly appreciate Him and value Him for His extraordinary advancement spiritually.

Jesus was a teacher we want to listen to because He spoke with words of real compassion and also wisdom about how to heal ourselves and heal the world.  

The Course reminds us that Jesus was superb, but we are asked to remember that we are all equally loved and equally welcomed into God’s Kingdom now and always. 

We don’t have to wait in line after Jesus as extraordinary as He was.

We are asked to not make anyone in any way better than anyone else. because this judgement and hierarchy ultimately separate us from other people, if not physically, certainly emotionally and energetically. 

This is why the Course instructs us to love Jesus and cherish Him but also know He is just our big brother.  He is part of us as much as anyone else.

The Course says that Jesus was a  wonderful prophet but the Christ is that essence of God within Jesus and that is why Jesus Christ was amazing.

We can allow ourselves to remember that God’s essence is within all of us. 

The Course capitalizes “Christ” so we have a quick association in our minds- when we see the word Christ- we then remember that this specifically means God.

The Course says that Jesus’s body may have been crucified or not.

It doesn’t even matter because the body dying is inconsequential.  

When we really come down to it, we just need to appreciate that our essence will remain the same after any death, whether it be crucifixion or any other challenging end. 

We still get the same result.  God and the Christ essence within Jesus and within all of us stays exactly the same.

This allows us to approach death and the body with a much lighter touch. 

Then the body can be a fun vehicle to play in when we allow our worries to be minimal. 

Death can seem really scary to the ego and that is why the Course reminds us to just keep remembering death is not real at the end of the day. 

We just need to get used to that foreign idea.


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