ACIM Lesson 342

Lesson 342: “What is a Miracle?”  “I let forgiveness rest upon all things.  For thus forgiveness will be given me.”

These sentences are a perfectly clear message so that we can understand what the Course means by our using forgiveness in the world.

The idea that- I “let” forgiveness “rest” upon all things- spells it right out for us. 

We want to allow forgiveness to be what it is.  

We are asked to stand back from the act of applying forgiveness in the world because this comes from an ego perspective.  We don’t want to do anything.

We let God do any doing that needs to be done.

When we are trying to make forgiveness be a certain thing we are trying to control what forgiveness is- as God’s gift to the world.  We want to stand back from forgiveness, give it the space forgiveness needs to create whatever healing it is meant to do.

We want to get out of that ego place of trying to make forgiveness appear to be in a particular way. 

We are asked to accept the wonderful gift we have that we can bring forgiveness to  the world.  But we allow forgiveness to do whatever God intends for it to do.

When we trying to manipulate forgiveness to get a certain result, this is not the type of forgiveness God teaches us in the Course.

We are asked to allow forgiveness to rest on whatever we bring it to.

When we let forgiveness rest, we surrender the ego’s agenda for it. 

And this changes our intention dramatically because we are instead coming from a place of serenity. 

When we give God the reins of our minds, then we can accept forgiveness to be exactly as God intended.  We just sit and acknowledge forgiveness.

We watch it and appreciate it but stay clear from the ego’s rigid grasp.

We allow ourselves to just be silent and allow the Holy Spirit speak the words of what forgiveness is meant to do.

This is the way to our total peace.  We are receiving this gift of of forgiveness and getting to know it, but while we do that, we get ourselves completely out of the way.  We let God demonstrate what is appropriate for us to do and say in any situation where we want to bring forgiveness to heal what is a call for love.

When we stop trying to make forgiveness be anything other than God intended, we sit and allow the serenity to grow and flourish within us.  We accept that we need not allow the ego to maintain control over how and what forgiveness looks like.

Then, when we are serene within, because we learn how to give God the reins, we find that we eventually become more open ourselves to receiving forgiveness. 

When we are serene,  our spirit becomes more open to receiving God’s energy. 

We become a lager vessel for holding forgiveness because we are more energetically aligned with God and as a result, we are able to carry a much greater dose and potency of forgiveness for ourselves. 

Therefore, we are absolutely the ones who benefit when we learn how to have a level of serenity in our relationship with forgiveness.


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