Miracles Lesson 10

Lesson 10: “My thoughts do not mean anything. “ 


 This lesson affirms, “Why would a meaningless world upset you? “If you could accept the world as empty, you would be undesirably happy. “Our egos rush in to dictate what the world is they think.

Ego’s expert opinions contain umpteen amounts of attack energy and thinking. Our ego’s visions of the world are replete with disturbing and distressful visions because this is their view. The Course explains that we create the world. The beauty of God’s Universe is that energy creates form.

So, we make all the visual forms we see with energy from our minds. The Course explains that we are all connected energetically. Even though it looks like there are armies of other people, there is only one energetic form in the Universe.

So, there is only one of us, and that is my mind. Other people may appear to be here, but it helps to understand that we are all one, so we know that we are the only ones here. We need to watch how we think and the kind of intention we have so we are careful about what shows up in the world.  

We all need to watch our thinking and accept that we all have this responsibility so that we show up and be careful about our creation.

It may feel daunting to know we are responsible for creating the world, but be sure not to feel like this is too much to manage.

Our world creation from our thinking is the best gift because we can create the world so since we know this, that means even if it feels like a full-time job to watch our thinking and intention, the miracle is that when we know this then even if it is a big job, the miraculous thing is that knowing this we can see that when we make an effort to watch our minds and choose creative thinking instead of attack based, then we end up with a dramatically improved world to live in so this is fantastic news for the average Joe so glad to receive word.

So, one thing we can be joyful about is creating joy in the world and running, playing, and laughing. The Course says that God says happiness is our function, so our only job is to smile all day long and take ultimate pleasure at every junction; we have permission from God, according to the Course, to do this, so this is exciting news—no more despair.

We can rock through life with blinders on for pure peace, healing, and joy, so there will be nothing else. We can do this if we watch our minds show up, take charge of this beautiful option, and take pride in doing it even if it feels like some effort because we get to fill our lives with good things.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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