ACIM Lesson 302

Lesson 302: “What is the Second Coming?” “Where darkness was I look upon the light.”

This lesson says, “Let me forgive Your holy world today, that I may look upon its holiness and understand it but reflects my own.” 

The Course invites us to let go of our guilt.   We are asked to embody our holiness and believe in it wholeheartedly. 

Our holiness is what makes us happy and what makes us optimally functional and also allows us to have relationships with everyone based on the clarity of our certainty that we feel solid within us. 

Our holiness is the most important aspect of ourselves.

If we can remember nothing else, we want to stay solid and convinced that our holiness is a done deal. 

When we do, then we operate from an elevated consciousness, everything becomes infinitely easier and lighter because we feel great. 

Our holiness is the part of us that never changes because God declares it so. 

Therefore, there is never any reason at all for our certainty to falter.

Nothing can affect us negatively because our minds are buoyantly light. 

Our minds impact the world in a positive way no matter what that looks like when we remember that we are holy.

The Course asks us to remember that everything that God made is holy.  This is why we never change and the world never changes as well where God brings His energy to the whole of the Universe.

The world appears to be outside of us but the Course reminds us that the Universe is actually one and all beings are united and share an energetic field. 

Therefore, we all feel each other because this is the nature of God’s energy- that which is shared. 

We impact each other at every level even if it does not look that way initially.

Eventually energy becomes form. 

The Course reminds us that since we all impact each other, we simply must acknowledge this and allow it to be true since it is.

Since we are all united energetically we all share the exact same energy.  God fills the energy of everyone and this is why everyone is holy.

The Course reminds us that our Godly holiness just affords us a great opportunity to practice remembering we are holy.

When we do remember we are holy then we share in God’s perfect energy, we become elevated and further affirm this Godly energy we share. 

When we affirm His energy, it gets bigger because we allow it to. 


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