Laurie’s Positive Points: Make friends with money

 Laurie’s Positive Points: Make friends with money.

Life invites us to use money in exchange for doing something beneficial in the world, so we need to heal our relationships with money.

It is handy we have a marker such as money to be able to exchange when we want to put ourselves in the position of giving money for something we do or use and need to find an equable exchange with the other people in our world or our lives so I feel grateful we have money and can use it this way.

So money does us a favor by doing these things. But sometimes we think extra resistant to using money, so then we try not to suffer about it, but in fact, we do if we have not taken the time and effort to heal our relationship with money.

Remember that our families often had views about money that included a consistent lack of funds, so if that was the case, we ended up associating money with lack. Doing that makes us more likely to experience a lack of funds.

Our financial situation can be dramatically improved when we observe our feelings and think about money and abundance and then later decide to rearrange our ideas about money so we finally end up with lots of abundance. 

We all grow up with families and try to process and heal them by acknowledging and feeling the feelings and then letting our process about old, less helpful ideas about money exit our consciousness.

Celebrate money and consistently pray to God that we are abundant financially and thank God for the blessing of abundance.

The critical part of this process is to thank God for our financial abundance before it happens, which is one of the crucial steps in receiving abundance.

All Love,


 Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture 


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