Laurie’s Positive Points: Remember the reason for the season

Laurie’s Positive Points: Remember to enjoy the season and remember the reason for the season.

Christmas is meaningful in a variety of different ways. We get to enjoy Christmas in many ways.

We get to enjoy knowing Jesus Christ was born. Remember that this is the most crucial and significant part of our lives because Christ has come to earth to teach us by His glorious example how to live in Godly ways.

We all benefit from having Christ’s example, so we need to remember to feel Jesus Christ coming to earth to live His life, so Christ’s captors crucified Him, and then God resurrected Him after three days.

We get to learn from all of the teachings that Jesus Christ did when he was living on earth in His lifetime, so it is extra important that we recognize how much better all of our lives are that we get to learn from Christ’s example. So we want to remember while we live on earth to follow Jesus. 

 So do not forget when we have Christmas to be mindful of how much we are grateful that Jesus Christ did His life and that we have all His teachings.

We do not want to forget this because this is the only important part of our lives.  

We do not let a moment of forgetting. We can open our presents under the tree as long as we keep our awareness of Christ’s life in our minds and hearts, so we carry the energy and Truth of the reason for the season within while we do other things at Christmas.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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