Laurie’s Positive Points: Relationships in Style

Laurie’s Positive Points: Relationships in style

It helps to have some experience being in relationships because we can not live without them in some essential respects. 

We are not born with innate relationship skills, but we learn them as we grow up in our family units, and in the United States’ culture, and in the world. 

And the cool thing about relationships is that we can always continue to work on them and over time get better at them, and thus, be more harmonious with all the people with whom we relate.  

Also, when we are able to do this more optimally, the most likely outcome is our increased happiness, because it feels so good to be aligned with ourselves, and other people and God.

The most important thing we can do is get up and stand with God in our relationships- don’t conveniently forget that God knows what we can’t possible know when we listen to the ego, and that He is ripe for the invitation of our choice. 

God is eager to get our call— there is no other way to say this- He wants to show us the real deal, so lets not miss a second of the magic.

We want to be sure that we are honest with the ones we are in relationships with, and that if things are not good, then we get out of the relationship. 

We want to pray to God and ask for the Holy Spirit for guidance, so we are supported in knowing the best way to go- whether to break things off. 

I myself was in a good number of significant partnerships that were really inappropriate for me to be in.  I always tried to change myself to fit into whatever that other person’s need was. 

This always failed because I wasn’t being honest with myself. 

I was not behaving authentically because I was always not acting aligned with my values and personality. 

I was miserable in relationships that were not good for me.

I think people in significant relationships with others may believe that there are “too few in the pool of applicants of whatever relationship match they would like to have.” 

People may have a sense of panic that they won’t be able to find someone else because of a sense of scarcity in the pool of candidates for our potential parter. 

So, they stay in relationships that are quite inappropriate for them, often because they may not trust that another person, more appropriate for who they are now will be available.

We just need to be willing to ask for more. 

There is always a chance that it might take time to find another relationship after the last one, but just trust that God is listening. 

Trust that the time we spend single is all the time that we need to learn and grow before another exciting relationship-adventure begins. 

Trust that being single is also fun.  Find whatever triggers us, and then notice it, and acknowledge it, and then it will heal then with a little Love from God.  

Know that being single is fun, and being in a committed partnership is also fun, but we just need to be willing to look and see if in one of them we may feel more resistance around, and allow this to come fully to our attention. 

The one we are blocked around needs the light of God’s love and forgiveness and freedom to heal.

That resistance can almost feel like a spell of queasiness, or it even can seem like there is more of an inner shadow in our spirit or Self. 

We make block energy with everything, because this is the language of the ego, so we can simply allow this to come into our awareness, until this queasiness transforms into a light eagle in flight, with strong, resilient wings, like being in the flow of God’s Love feels.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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