ACIM Lesson 313

Lesson 313: “What is the Last Judgment?”  “Now let a new perception come to me.”

This lesson says, “Father, there is a vision which beholds all things as sinless, so that fear has gone, and where it was is love invited in.”

The Course teaches that we must hold in our minds and hearts and spirits that all people are sinless.

We learn from God’s message in the Course that all people are perfect and sinless in the respect that all people are worthy of the best of the best and that they are completely innocent. 

That means no one has done anything whatsoever to offend anyone else and especially to offend God.

This means that everyone is innocent because God declares it to be so, regardless of whether or not we actually had done any flaws in our human lives.

It is all chalked up to absolutely zero because Jesus reminds us in the Course that sins and our having any kind of sinful nature is simply false in the most precise and clear manner.

There is nothing else to say about it but that it is true, because the truth is simply an expression of God, and therefore, we don’t need to go into it in any length.

We just need to accept it for true.

This can be a bit tricky at times because we forget. 

But the good news is that it is all good- to hear that we are totally innocent, and that God declares it so, and therefore, we simply just need to accept this with practice in time.

Then, our accepting this truth is the only real task we need to do. 

All else is accomplished by God, and therefore, our ride is especially simple, and especially playful, because we get to laugh and skip along the way while we practice, because there is nothing else to do, hand in hand with God.

We must simply learn to remember the truth instantly and permanently.

The Course is simply opening our minds to the possibility of this truth and giving it all the mental space within where it can grow and flourish. 

The Course invites us to let this truth be real, and remember also while we live as humans, we have the opportunity to see things as they are truly or be completely off base in our perception. 

We must remember the truth of our and everyone’s innocence in the simple gesture of interpreting the world. 

We have a chance to see everything from Godly vision where we carry with us that every one involved is innocent, or we can people the world with our enemies and perceive everyone as making the problems we see.  

Thank goodness we get the choice; this means we can choose to be happy.


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