ACIM Lesson 314

What is the Last Judgement?”  “I seek a future different from the past.”

We all have experiences of strongly desiring a different future from the past we have thought was good but we want it to be more or different in some way. 

The ego always judges.

The Course says that the best way to accomplish a different future from what happened in the past is to simply stay in the present. 

When we focus on the wrongs in the past, then, we carry this energy with us into the present; because it is foremost in our minds, then, we end up missing the moment.

The Course says when we get overly focused on the past, then we never catch up to the present, and we never get to create anything new now because we are not really there in this way. 

We in fact become attached to the past because we are so strongly connected to it and reinforcing it; this is why we then actually carry this over to the future and make it recur in the future.

The Course simply invites us to intervene by being in the present moment. 

When we shift our focus to what is happening in front of us, then, we can fully and strongly be aligned energetically within ourselves and with God, and therefore, our energy becomes more powerful. 

Then, we can choose in the present what we will get in the future and it will be more likely to happen. 

When we are  in the moment, we allow God to join us. 

God has a harder time getting into our energy field when we are focused in the past or future because they are unnatural and unreal. 

This is why staying in the present is the best way to get to God.

The Course reminds us that ultimately God has the perfect plan.

When we see a future and present that comes any certain way, we must trust that God has everything in perfect balance and knows why we need to learn or do any certain thing. 

We are asked to give it delicately to God.

That delicate hand off to God is the thing that allows us to heal. 

Our feeling delicate allows us to get back to that miracle mindedness where we God permission to heal us. 

This energy shows us the way back to the serenity and quiet we feel in accepting with a grateful heart what God has in store for us. 

We just need to get our own energy resonating with the higher vibration of the gentle essence of God. 


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