ACIM Lesson 248

Lesson 248: “What is the world?”  “Whatever suffers is not part of me.”

Our purpose is to know who we are. 

God uses Jesus’s words and Helen’s scribing the Course so we can finally get the clear and precise message. God wants us to know that we are children of His mighty Energy and Will.

God loves us infinitely and thus cares completely about the frame of mind we have. 

God gives us the finale in the Course- once and for all- we get it right.

The Course teaches we are totally lovable and loved exactly as we are.

We learn that God is actually the kindest and most openhanded benefactor; He cares for us in a way that is optimally gentle, considerate and compassionate. 

God is the best and most wonderful parent we can ever have.

We are learning via the Course how wrong we were before when we believed in a God who punishes and slams us into our place.  We were mistaken in believing God doesn’t have the most optimally wonderful plan for us.

We were wrong thinking God is not the most loving parent, with the most appropriate, happy and helpful parenting style. 

Our job is to realize we falsely believed the world’s lore about God.  We had the wrong impression of Him.  This error we do not want to prolong, and God is happy to give us the correct information, feeling and energy now.

We are asked to listen and adopt the Course’s philosophy as soon as we can because this is the only way to truly be in peace.  

Our job is to realize that we are loved and worthy and then this creates the feeling of the certainty of God.  When we carry this certainty with us, then everything we face in the world becomes absolutely easy or at least relatively so.

We must appreciate that our certainty is what gives us the comfort and ease of being human. 

We may still have issues to deal with and manage in the world, but it all will be done with a feeling of confidence that we are worthy of the best of situations. 

That makes us feel sure that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.  When we adopt God’s certainty as our own then we stop making drama and trauma in the world’s out picturing  We stop perceiving problems in the world.

We become committed to living in our certainty which affords us a stable and light emotional state. 

Further, we trust that God has a plan because God loves us as much as He does.

We want to sit in God’s certainty because it will finally allow us to relax in the world’s arena.

Relaxing means we can enjoy ourselves and be light. 

We can be at peace because we trust that God loves us and cares for us in every important way.

God is teaching us that we are worthy as heirs to His kingdom.  This means we are the luckiest person out there because God chose us.  And, God chose everyone because all are the luckiest people out there.

God wants us to know that there is no part of us that suffers when we pick for our own personal inner theme that we are God’s blessed children.  

This means that nothing can go wrong because we are always in this role as God’s cherished children.  This means no part of us suffers.

Our job is to realize that whenever we believe we are distressed, the Course teaches us to identify as God’s children.  When we focus on this, then we let nothing of the world can bother us because since we are one with God, joined with God’s energy as His children, nothing can impact us negatively.

We must learn to remember this and stay committed to reminding ourselves this until it becomes our inner norm.


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