2-9-15 Lesson 40 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, February 9, 2015

Lesson 40: “I am blessed as a Son of God.”

We don’t have to worry that we are not good enough.  Our simple right to being God’s Creations allows us to be perfectly blessed and holy.  Then there is no question in our hearts of our worth because we are relying on God to be the reason for that elevated self concept.  The ego is always playing games and trying to add up some scraps of love to shabbily piece together our identity.  But it is always doing an incompetent job of things because it is not full of some powerful energy such as God’s.

Therefore, what the ego reaches for just ends up not working.  Then we have to sit with the disappointment that the ego can’t find enough worthiness and lovability that we feel in our certainty and eager to meet the world with forgiveness.  Instead we spend our time feeling badly because we aren’t greater in the ego’s perception.  This is always a game of disappointment as the ego can’t fabricate some reality of abundance.  Fullness is not at the heart of its philosophy.  We have to just take in that our identification with God fills us with a deep sense of peace because we know we can live in our certainty as God’s chosen children.  Then, whatever we need to face in the world we do it with a full cup of God’s love.

And let’s remember the word “bless.” This means, “to invoke divine favor upon.”  As a child even though my family was religious from the get-go, the word “bless” was not a part of my vocabulary because I thought I was not going to get the favor of God.  I thought in the best case scenario, with my Catholic early childhood, was that God may not be angry with me if I did everything just so.  To me that love of God seemed cold and unpredictable.

I feel so pacified and appeased as the Course goes to great lengths to describe accurately what the favor and love of God are.  Now my experience of God’s love is warm, and so, so much richer.  I find it so helpful to be reminded that God’s love is indescribably beyond even my wildest imaginings.  The Course helped to heal my experience of how God’s love is.  Thus, now it feels so beautiful and perfect to use the word “blessing.”  It has taken on a sweet meaning of sending amazing, gentle, light love to myself and to all others.


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