ACIM Lesson 222

Lesson 222: What is Forgiveness?: “God is with me.  I live and move in Him.”

This lesson says, “He is my Source of life, the life within, the air I breathe, the food by which I am sustained, the water which renews and cleanses me.” 

This is a beautiful image of the way God cares for us.  God is our Source and takes care of us in the most basic ways.

God is like the water that composes most of our body.  God is the essence that is the most fundamental part of who we are.  This means God cares for us- as ingesting water does, becoming the building blocks of our human body because it is the most basic part of us. God nurtures us during and after a difficult day just as water feeds us.

God also does this beautiful thing of cleansing us as our water does.

God compares Himself to water because water is the most fundamental substance within our bodies.  However, it also serves- conveniently- as an effective cleanser. 

Water always works to get our day to day washing needs met in terms of rinsing off the typical dirt we encounter in our day to day experience.

We do what we need most to sustain ourselves in a healthy way; we wash off the grime from the supermarket we ventured into earlier.

Water is perfect because it is a basic solvent and washes us clean almost always as the single material required. 

Water works even when we don’t know all the breadth of the grime we have accumulated.

Water works as God does because they both play a vital role in the maintenance of our optimal health when refreshing.

God is just as perfect as water.  Even better. 

God always cares for us in all we encounter; nothing passes by unfiltered from God’s steady watch when we need a helping hand.  God shows up to take care of us just like water gives us our most essential physical component.  God also cleans us energetically always.

Love is perfect.  Love always works to heal our emotional wounds and inspires our willingness to stay physically active- to behave in ways that support our healing and evolving.

Love is like water because it works to always cleanse us of what we think is a loss to purify. 

The ego says that some of our personality glitches are too complex to repair.

We think that we have faults and flaws that defy the laws of the Universe- which is God- and we assume there is no way around whatever is blocking our way to a peaceful state.  We assume that the accumulation of dirt from the world is out of the realm of redemption.

God says that we have nothing wrong with us.  God says that we are never held accountable for whatever we think are sins.

God loves us to the extent that He teaches simply that sin is unreal.  The fact is, sin never happened in the first place. 

Sin is simply an illusion about which we forgot to laugh. 

We are finally discovering how amazing God is.  We hear the truth about God- that He loves us unconditionally.

And God doesn’t even want to acknowledge what the ego thinks are our sins.

God rather simply overlooks them.  This is why we never have to worry that God can’t love us with our limitless list of sins.  God simply cares that we get the information that allows us to understand how we can alter our behavior to instead create a happy experience.  God  doesn’t want us to keep sinning because they are mistakes that are important to correct.

For our own benefit, we don’t want to do anything that we might perceive as an error because it can interrupt our flow to God’s love if we start to obsess and focus on it.

We don’t spend the majority of our time bogged down with heavy feelings that we sinned.  We simply don’t want to even engage in the ideas that we sinned in any actual way.  Then we will instead feel good because we remember how God in fact  sees us which is the truth.


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