ACIM Lesson 221

Lesson 221: “What is forgiveness?”  “Peace to my mind.  Let all my thoughts be still.”

The introduction here says, “And you could never have come this far unless you saw, however dimly, that it is your will.” 

We are reminded here that the process takes time.  It may require periodic steps along the way and an increased spread of learning before we can get to the eventual destination of God’s peace of mind, but we can trust that the process will be perfect in every respect.  We are learning that little by little our minds change.  Sometimes we don’t have an exact outward manifestation of the changes in our minds; it can be unconscious.

We may just wake up one day and realize that our minds are truly fine with making our commitment rather to God’s will.

The Course says when we shift into that peace consciousness, it very well may be instantaneous.

But in the meantime, this requires letting God in.  In order to feel comfortable with God’s agenda we need to little by little allow God to have a voice in our inner temple.

We learn to be satisfied with God’s will and then at some point we realize it is also our will. 

We realize that we don’t want to live in the insanity of the ego and therefore choosing God’s will is ultimately the only agenda that will work in any real way.  The Course asks us to appreciate that we also have the same will and we get used to this idea with enough repetition and practice.

We have a will that is also God’s and we realize this in time from simply frequently recalling it.

It is essential that we allow this to be true within us that we cherish God’s will more than the ego’s.

This is the manner we ultimately get out of conflict in our own minds. 

When sit with the ego’s plans, then our will is divided because God’s plan is contrary to the ego’s.  And God is always the only entity with whom we want to associate our minds and hearts.  We want to feel and accept God’s will because is is our own in truth.

We can trust that there is this itty-bitty part of us slowly waking up to God’s Will. 

We slowly take to it because we feel natural when we feel God’s will.  Furthermore, we feel really good when we are taking part in His will.

Then gradually it dawns on our minds that we love making God’s will our own because we feel so healthy and light and happy.

It is a perfect match with who we are in truth. 

We have a vague sense sometimes that we may like God’s Will.  Sometimes it just takes time and attention to realize how good we feel there.  Our will is what propels us forward because it is the inspiration we feel. The Course reminds us that we would not have had success up until this point in learning the Course unless there is some portion of our minds that knows we are joined in purpose with God’s will.

Thus, we can sit and be conflict-free.  Since we realize our minds are joined in purpose with God in truth, we can also be firm in placing the ego out of the picture.

We must not have our intention and will conflicted with God’s truth as this is the essence of who we are. 

We can not argue with this in any way. 

Since it is true then all we can do is shift to that place of comfort that we are joined with what God wants, Also, we can sit in ease because we let go of our own perpetuating our ego’s will.  When we understand that no part of our will once we get to down to it is contrary to God’s agenda, then no part of us is misaligned.

This means we can sit and be happy because all of our being is privileged to remain integrated and whole since we are not rejecting a part of ourselves.


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