Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 70: “My salvation comes from me.”

What draws me so completely to the Course is its gentle message.  It doesn’t thrash us on the backside or shock our system into complying.  God is not trying to get us on His side because that somehow makes His life better- he wins points for having the most followers.  There is no trying to make the score higher for a God who cares about competition.  There is no agenda for God to try to get us on His side.  God doesn’t have that essence of scarcity about Him where He is thinking there is lack in His kingdom so it benefits Him to have a picture of more people in His joining.  God in no way indicates that He has any other intention but to love and nurture and cherish us in the act of showing us why we want to choose God and why we want to live in accordance with God’s will and energy.

God is not in a mind of there being lack or needing to fill some Universal need by convincing us to join the atonement.

♣God cares not in a self serving way. 

God is not at all sharp and trying to get us to follow some course of action that God dictates.  This is sure a relief to know that God loves us for the sole reason of a healthy parent sharing God’s kind of Love.  When a parent  recognizes his or her own worth and lovability, then they are living in a healthy dynamic with the child.  We presume this love is simply the pure and Godly joy of giving love to the most cherished of people we have relationships with- our children for example.

What we want to realize is that God gives us every reason to want to join with Him.

He is not carrying some inner ulterior motive to get us to pay attention. 

God loves us the purest love and is happily sharing with us the best of the best of all situations and states of mind.  The reason God loves us is because we are His children.  He does not carry a stilted view of what this means because God is perfect and so continues to hold this ideal reality of the love we get from God.  God can do this because God loves us beyond what words can describe.  God loves us so much. He especially cares that this love is so ideal and gentle because God wants us to have the best of the best in our human reality.  This is why God goes to the effort (which of course is no effort to Him) to simply allow this perfect love that God exudes be exactly what He gives us.  God cares that we get totally healed in the way we love.

Frequently in the world we have skewed views of what love is.  We have encountered and been in relationships with people who have a very stilted manner of how love is and how it can be.  Lots of people just pretend that love can’ t be any different than the nightmarish approach that our ego minds often take when expressing and feeling love.  We can feel like this worldly love constantly leaves us in the dark about how joyful, easy and open love can actually be.  We get used to feeling our feelings of suffering over how we experience love to be.

This always puts us on the defensive about love and we often even simply avoid it because it seems like a misery we can do without.

This is why the Course goes to such effort and great lengths to simply enlighten us about how love is.  We just get this old contracted view that love is going to slap us in the face.

We don’t realize that Love is just the softest whisper of a ♥feather caressing our faces. 

±We don’t see that the face of Love is a beautiful, bright light with a sweet look of kindness and gratitude. 

We forget that love is the center of what is a thriving heart of delicate petals of the most exquisite flower in the face of adversity.  It is always strong enough to weather any storm and also lovely and gentle enough to be the happiest experience that we ever can hope for.  God just wants us to welcome His warm embrace of Love from a heart that knows His Love is exactly what we need for an appropriate and healthy and happy relationship with ourselves and all others.


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