Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 69: “My grievances hide the light of the world in me.”

♠We are permanently worthy.

♥The amazing thing is that nothing whatsoever can change who we are, reassigning us into people who don’t belong to the pool of extraordinary chosen ones who live as testaments to God’s will. 

The Course says we absolutely have no possible way to deny the truth of ourselves.  We are so right as we are because we are perfect.  Our perfection and potential is infinite because we are creations of God.  We can’t accidentally do something wrong because we are always perfectly aligned in God’s grace and God’s plan- that takes care of everyone in the world.  We are growing into the firm belief that we are just right exactly as we are.

God gives us the permission to shine the light within us that God gave us all- as we are direct heirs from His mind. 

This means that our light within is a forever attribute of who we are, and who everyone is.  We don’t have to suffer a moment with the thought that we may fall from God’s grace and lose the ability to shine that exquisite light within us.  We have moments where we just forget that God gives us this light because God deems us perfectly innocent and holy.  We forget that this is a God given gift so we don’t have to stress about how to keep it lit.  It exists now and through all time because we are worthy of having it.  We are justified in shining this light because it is the way we see God and it is the way we see our inner Selves.

The Course especially cares that we forgive our brothers and sisters.  We are learning how to clear our minds of what is not God, and we realize that we must take time to attend to the way we treat ourselves and then be sure to extend forgiveness to our own minds for healing. Invariably we withhold certain parts of ourselves from God and make them the home for our ego’s.  We forget to give all aspects of our personality to God.  They all need the healing of God’s light, which totally works when we are willing to give all of us- without holding back- to God for the perfect resolution to what are inevitably areas where we believe we suffer.

We think we don’t know how to surrender them for God’s optimal healing and the only true healing.  We are asked to make our own forgiveness utmost priority because this is the way we give gentleness in a loving gesture that is the basis for our healing minds.

±We learn that forgiveness is the place we give ourselves the kindness and acceptance of an untouched love. 

The way we give ourselves pure love in the world is through the incredible vehicle of forgiveness.  

We also learn in the Course that we must, must, must extend our forgiveness to all those with whom we share the planet.  This may seem like a tall order.  But the Course says that the way we get to heaven is with the joining energy.  The sure way to end our suffering completely is simply forgiving all the masses.  We are asked to forgive it all.  Even if it seems like a task meant for one much braver in the heart than we believe we are currently.  But it turns out we can absolutely forgive, even if it seems beyond our will to do so sometimes.  The important thing is to get clear internally that forgiveness is the way to be in God’s light mind with our brothers and sisters.

This means we can just enjoy the road to heaven as God has it all mapped out.  We have nothing to do but enjoy the ride.  We walk hand in hand with our brothers and sisters because we reach down deeply into our inner core where we find the power of God and we allow this to be the strength we need for forgiveness.  This is the essence of our salvation when we just walk steadfastly with our brothers and sisters who have no hint of grievance because we allowed God to take away that illusion of separation.  This is the way to our happy place where we meet with the mind of God.


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