ACIM Lesson 234

Lesson 234: “What is salvation?”  “Father, today I am Your Son again.”

This lesson says, “Nothing has ever happened to disturb the peace of God the Father and the Son.” 

The Course  teaches that peace is always accessible.  God is always in the state of peace and we share God’s energy.  Therefore, inherently, we are also always in peace.  God says so and God designed the Universe so we would share energy.

When we had a moment of insanity and we forgot to laugh about being separate from God, we forgot that God is ever present. 

That is why we want to now relearn that God is always accessible to us.  It is just a matter of remembering this again and allowing it to become what we accept as true.  This can be a process for sure but we start by remembering that God is always available.

We need realize that God is always in a state of perfect peace because God understands that there is never any reason to be upset. 

That is why God is perfect because He doesn’t perpetuate any drama.  God remembers what we forget- that peace is always an option.

God doesn’t need to remember because God is wholly perfect and therefore is already in the state of knowledge, which is a constant state of retaining that memory.

He never has a moment of losing sight of what is true because God is only truth.  He is nothing but the least complicated and yet entirely outstretching reach of Love because this is the basis of what is true.

The Course simply reminds us to be in peace ourselves.  We have God as an example and since God is nothing but Truth and Love, then God can be counted on to be at peace all the time.  Peace is the natural state of what is wholly true.  This is what God is because there is nothing false in God.

This means that God is the example we want to emulate. 

We also can trust that peace is naturally a part of who we are as well. 

The Sonship- which the Course refers to- is the energetic connection we share with God and all other people on the planet.  The Sonship is the part of us that is holy or is of God.  We all carry a portion of ourselves energetically combined with the overall Sonship.

This means that we have access to all of our brothers  and sisters energetically all the time and we also have a constant connection to God.  That means even on our worst day we are still in union with God.  This means that we are gifted with the blessing of feeling peace ourselves.  God is always in peace, because God is perfect.

Thus, we also can be in peace equally as well when we just remember we all have that part of God with us.

Then peace is easy because we are just expressing that part of us- the energetic union called the Sonship -where we carry with  us that connection with God. 

This is why we can rely on peace being with us always.

All we have to do is remember it, and realize it is not difficult to come to a state of peace.  We must remember that it is a possibility first. 

If we believe peace is too good for us and we shirk off the possibility we can rest and be in peace then we are not in the optimal way to access our own peace.

We want to hold space for the possibility that peace can be ours first.  We just hold space in our minds for something new.  The ego likes to fill up our minds with unconscious fillers like attack thoughts and complaints.

We just need to realize that holding space for something new just gives us this little bit of open space in our minds.

And then we have the actual possibility that we can absorb something new.  

If we don’t do this the ego will take great strides to block the way of any amount of fresh possibilities for us. We want to get our egos out of the way and make sure there is at least some conscious awareness that we are willing to find a new answer that will finally feel healthy and happy and pleasant.


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