Lesson 97 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lesson 97: “I am sprit.”

The Course asks us to just carry constantly this one single truth about us.  We are invited to see only the truth of our identification as spirit.  Our egos can sure resist to this and say, “How can we live in the world if we see ourselves as only spirit?”  The ego insists that we are leaving out the majority of our qualities if we don’t talk about what size shoe we wear and if our clothes fit just so.  We can believe our major body fixation because we have been living in our bodies throughout this particular life.

As awkward or as sickly as our bodies have been in the world, they are most definitely familiar.  We are so used to maintaining what is familiar.  Thus, denouncing something like our bodies seems to lots of folks like sacrilege. We are asked to simply end the ego’s fixation on the way our bodies function as our entire focus and the end of our belief that our bodies hold more weight about who we are than our spirit.

Spirit is the definition God gave us because we are vessels of love- energy of God which is perfect and whole and not manifested necessarily as form.  We are asked to not try to put so much belief in our bodies that they seem to even become real.  We can sit back as spirit and know that we are made in God’s image so there is no limit to what we can do as spirits.  We have to simply let ourselves stay connected with the truth that we are spirits first.

When we allow ourselves to be wholly- and I mean completely- invested in the awareness that our identity is only spirit, this is the way to get our minds the closest to the integration of the fact that we are only spirit and nothing else.  We want to make this constant effort to make this our reality within.  To see only spirit, then it is less likely that we will forget this truth along the way of our day.  This is why we go to such great lengths to see ourselves this way.
Then when we want to do something in the world we can show up with the insistence that spirit is our only reality.  We will more deeply resonate this truth because we are more practiced at remembering it- as we live this truth more actively.

I love this line that says, “we are free to forgive.”  The world always makes forgiveness with some kind of ransom.  Our egos classify forgiveness as the cruel outcome of having some unwanted act made against us.  Forgiveness gets associated with all kinds of attack, attack within and people attacking us and each other.  Forgiveness seems loaded with drama and problems.  Our ego’s think forgiveness is for the weak and disenchanted.  Jesus explains here that we are FREE to forgive.  That means forgiveness is in fact a complete privilege and we can consider ourselves never more fortunate as we get to play a part in the role of forgiveness.  Therefore, we necessarily get to feel all the love within the forgiveness.


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