Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 96: “Salvation comes from my one Self.”

The word “one” here reminds me of the folly of human nature.  We wage wars because we think that everyone is outside of us.  We think everyone is in no way connected to us.  We always deem other people the enemy because we assume they are different in their hearts because they have different religions or different politics or are in different nations.  We so often see all people as other who simply exist outside of our sphere.

We get frightened of who they might be because it seems especially easy to cling to our beliefs they will insist on being our enemies and giving us cause for alarm.

We assume that people, just because we are not familiar with their traditions or their particular behaviors, are dangerous and deserve some physical punishment.

We decide that they are the ones we want to wage war on their temples and what appear to be their unfamiliar strategies of living.

It’s a basic human instinct that we want to protect ourselves and the people that we decide are within our family- at least demonstrating familiarity.

When people don’t understand each other the problem is that they simply don’t know each other.  I think when people get down from their religious perches and basilicas they then finally can reach out and have perfectly good reason to get to know what makes the other person happy.

This is our common bond with other people because we all want the same quality of life; we all want to be happy in some form of peace. 

This is how we are all connected.

Even if we are fighting wars with another group of people, we need to stop and realize how much we have in common with these people. The reason we make war is because we think we have too many varied habits with the people to maintain our level headed-ness with each other.  We decide that the other people seem so different, we could not fathom that they may have exactly the same hearts that we do.  We may call it something totally different.  Some people like “God” and some people are atheists some people say “energy of the Universe” or “Mother Nature.”

We all can have entirely different philosophies about how to approach our cultural values.

However, that one unifying amazing commonality we have with everyone is that we want peace and love.

The Course is reminding us here that when we think about our “one Self” we are surely referring to that unifying energetic connection we have with all people.  We always connect with them energetically.  This is why we all are part of this one unifying principle.  We all get connected through our understanding that we are all energetic beings above all else.

This means that we have just one common energy thread among all of us and no one is separate from this energetic space.

We are all included here because God wants us to have the gift of realizing that we are one with everyone else.

We are united because all of God’s energy encapsulates us entirely.  

We all are happy to join in this uniting presence that God’s energy entails.  We are happy and never reject this learning that we are all part of the same one because even if we seem on the surface to be quite, quite different from all the people we see in the far reaches of the world, we still all are united by our memory that we all want peace.  This means we will simply have the best time in our joining with all people as we all energetically have the same desire for a peaceful existence.  And even when we are no longer living in the world, when we have died, we still can appreciate that God gives us this gift of the unifying energy.  This is the purpose of having this idea of the one Self.

God also encourages us to remember here that our salvation is the best thing that ever happened and the gift is that we have our salvation now.

The world is unpredictable at best.

This is not the place to try to find a source of consistent salvation.  This is why we can love that God is giving us this now.  We can take it and just allow ourselves to keep this certainty all the time that we are God’s children and therefore, we are all fully immersed already in our own salvation.

We have our salvation now and always because God wills for us to be perfectly certain that we are the very ones that get to always be lovable and totally innocent.

Therefore, our salvation is already done.  God says we all get it always because God gets to decide the truth;

He says our salvation is always an already accomplished item on the agenda list.


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