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Lesson 97: “I am spirit.”

This lesson says,”It accepts no split identity, nor tries to weave opposing factors into unity.”  The Course teaches us that we ideally want to be free from conflict within.  Part of being human seems to incorporate some degree of conflict.  We have seeming conflicts about everything.  We have conflicts with people and in our works and homes.  We also have conflict within ourselves. Our egos are part of all of us in the human experience- as we all are often temporarily having our egos be in the forefront of our minds, and deciding how we approach our interactions.

The egos thrive on conflict so when it is in control, we are undeniably festering inside with latent conflict. 

Even when we can’t see it it still exists because the ego just always promotes conflict.  Therefore, what we need to do is appreciate that the ego’s conflict is what is at the root of our feelings of being split and not totally united to our intention to be aligned with God’s purpose.

The Course is teaching us to simply allow the ego’s conflict to be undone once and for all.  The Course teaches us that our sense of inner conflict is at the root of our unhappiness because we always have a feeling of unrest internally when we try to participate in life this way.

We just don’t feel right because our selves are at battle within.

When our ego is running our lives, we feel conflicted.  The ego just doesn’t know how to be different.  The Course is teaching us that no matter how enticing the ego’s dance may be, we have to simply stop the charade and simply call the truth on the ego.  We want to simply understand how distressing it feels when we feel conflicted.  We are feeling at odds within our own minds because it is spit, and we definitely project this outwardly so the world also becomes an out picturing of our distress.

All we need to do is stop letting the ego be in the control.

We have to be very firm and keep choosing God. 

This is where our power lies. 

We can choose a different reality.  We get a different reality when we are sure to select God.  This is why we are the luckiest people anywhere because the answer to our distress, our inner conflict, is all easily avoided and liberated from our internal picture.   We just have to give God the green light.  We just show up with the willingness to meet God by simply having a thought of wanting to be only solely aboard God’s ship.  We don’t have to figure anything out if we don’t know how to get our minds out of conflict.  We must do all we can in terms of choosing with a clear intention to meet with God instead of the ego.

Then we can give God the go ahead and ask God for instruction or guidance in how to get to this place of no split within if we get stuck in our own practice of finding this.  We are never alone and can get all the help we need. We simply need to have a conversation with God.  The Course is teaching us to reunite with our clear mind of a single God purpose.  This allows us to undo any old thinking that let the ego be in charge.   The single God purpose means there is no split within our minds because we are wholly committed to just one thing.  And we are committed to God, which totally elevates our consciousness to one where every thing we approach in life becomes fodder for the happy dream.  We start to then easily connect with life experiences that demonstrate to us that God totally loves us and gives us all we need.

This lesson says, “ Spirit am I, a holy Son of God, free from all limits, safe and healed and whole, free to forgive and free to save the world.” 

I love this sentence because there is such a humility in the task we take on.  We are saving the world, but this has absolutely no correlation with arrogance.  The Course gives us this task because we are here to serve.  Furthermore, we can save the world, as all people equally have the power to do this.

This means all we have to do is remember that we are all in innocence. 

Then we are all saved because we are all equally worthy of God’s love and favor.  This Course says that we are free to forgive, this is because it is our privilege.  This is such a sacred task and all people can do this simply in the knowing that we are lovable.  I love the gentleness of the Course here because usually saving the world appears to be an extensively big deal and we tend to think on very holy people can do this.  The Course is not saying less of them.  It simply says more of all of us- because we are all up to the task of saving the world.  We can sit with utter gratitude that we are given this freedom to save the world.  We are all given this role.


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