ACIM Lesson 246

Lesson 246: “What is the world?”  “To love my Father is to love His Son.”

We are asked to clear the grievances out of our hearts. 

If we forget or fail to surrender them to God with love, then we get our insides blocked. 

We block the flow of God’s love and energy.

The grievances are always with us because the ego is always judging, and we are asked to see this for what it is. 

It is an ongoing practice of remaining vigilant in releasing that inner attack energy the ego tries to hide from us under a cloak of smiles and fashion and our possessions and relationships and the things we value. 

We have all these items that just distract us from the never ending task of catching our minds on a mental binge. 

We are asked to realize that the kind of grievances we hold within are just another way of the ego getting us off balance.  The ego will do anything to rock the boat and try to catch us off guard and give us reason to forget God.

The grievances keep us from God. 

Usually the ego masquerades the grievances as some juicy tidbit that seems like we should obsess on that instead.  

Then, we give the story power simply because we listen to it and associate with it energetically and emotionally. 

The ego is always luring us away with trinkets in the world that seem so fine.

Then this stuff is always somehow packaged with a grievance. 

We end up accepting the grievance as a reality instead of brushing it away because to us the grievance seems valid.  

The Course reminds us that our number one job in order to remember we never left God and that we love Him and our relationship with Him because it is so easy and happy and wonderful. 

The Course says that we are asked to Love God completely because we can and it makes us happy and fulfilled.

But in that process we want to be sure we don’t forget to openly love our brothers and sisters as well.  The problem is that the ego always tries to get us to feel the grievances within us.

And when we do, then we reject the joining in love of our brothers and sisters around us. 

Loving other people is the same thing as loving God because we are all connected energetically. 

And therefore, if we resist loving others then we are simply not open to connecting with God in Love as well. 

This is why the Course says that loving our brothers and sisters is the way for us to get to Heaven, because we are sharing that Love with God as well.


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