ACIM Lesson 247

Lesson 247: “What is the world?”  “Without forgiveness I will still be blind.”

We are asked to include everyone in the happy dream’s manifestation. 

The ego likes to make people or things special and make them separate from each other.  We make them about the ego and not about God.

When we make things special or people special then we end up feeling charged about them in an unhelpful way. 

When we make people special we forget that they are only for God’s purpose in our lives. 

Whatever they bring is specifically geared for us and straight from God.

When we give people that inappropriate charge, of being some other purpose for us than for what they truly are, our learning companions, void of any holy relationship between us, that makes us feel pulled away from the energy and Will of God.

The Course wants us to remember that everyone is gifted with the glory of God.

No one is excluded.  One of the challenges us is that we forget that everyone is equally worthy and equally provided for.

When we end up in special relationships with people, then, we forget that God is the only part of them we are asked to see. 

We are asked to remember to interact with them while we love them with God’s nonjudgmental, permanent and light love, while we do whatever actions need to be carried out. 

We end up in special relationships with people because we forget that we are all equally worthy of love and favor.

Sometimes when we make people special in the Course’s eyes, we make them above feeling genuine kindness and love and compassion because we forget to apply forgiveness and God’s delicate, gentle touch. 

That specialness is the ego’s harsh version of the reality.

When we listen to the ego, then suddenly we forget about the fullness and bounty and fruitfulness of God’s favor.

When we listen to the ego, we are completely blind, because we lose Gods accurate vision that is from the third eye or from the Holy Spirit. 

Our special relationships blind us to the reality that we truly want.

We want God’s vision and the way to do that is to forgive like there is no tomorrow. 

Just appreciate how vision is truly what we need to function in the world both practically and figuratively and forgiveness is the only way to get there. 

That is quite a statement. 

Forgiveness is only the way to get there. 

We are asked to forgive all the lack of vision we have and also forgive our brothers and sisters when they lose their ways as well. 

Forgiveness is what gives us true lightness and happiness because it is the way we feel God.

Especially when we forget to forgive, then suddenly, when we do, we can really deeply feel God rushing in to fill the void within where we were blocking the flow of God’s Love to flow freely within us. 

That is truly a miracle because we get to such an elevated state again where we feel only God’s Will and purpose.


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