ACIM Lesson 245

Lesson 245: “What is the world?”  “Your peace is with me, Father, I am safe.”

“What is the world?” says, “The world is born of error and it has not left its source.”   

The Course says that the world is the place where we forgot our certainty and the world is a reflection of this. 

When we forget our certainty, we end up with a world full of despair, hate, death, pain, and suffering.

Our certainty is the amazing feeling of God’s elevated energy and when we lose track of this, our energy plummets.

We end up feeling terrible and behaving in ways that make us miserable.

Our certainty gives us that consistent self confidence because we feel good about ourselves and therefore, we behave appropriately as well. 

The certainty is of God and therefore, we feel God when we experience that certainty. 

The world is born of error  because the world is where God is not.

That means we make a world from the illusions of the ego.

The world is made from the same thing that the ego is- dark, dense energy that is not God. 

The Course reminds us that the world is then the same energy as the ego because they come from the same source. 

Whereas God’s energy is elevated, like our certainty, because this is the nature of God.

That is why our certainty feels so good to us and also allows us to behave in happy, appropriate ways because we feel so good.

The Course says that energy does not leave its source. 

We can count on this always.

We must remember that we can always find the same energy that we find in the thing we are associated with in the moment because we have drawn this to us.

Just know that we can count on this, and therefore, predict this in the process of living. 

Since we can just count on this to happen, knowing this will save us time.


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