Laurie’s Reflections

∀ Lesson 58: Review: “My holiness envelops everything I see.” “My holiness blesses the world.”  “There is nothing my holiness cannot do.”  “My holiness is my salvation.”  “I am blessed as a Son of God.”

My take on the Course is as the most effective self love teacher I have ever encountered.  All we have to do is learn first to identify with something other than our egos and our little selves.  We simply need to see what we are doing.  The problem is that we forget to notice.  But this is the root of all of our suffering.  When we fail to believe in the power of our selves then we get all misaligned internally.  Then peace is impossible because our peace depends on our feeling certain that we are lovable.

The reason we need to realize we are lovable is because then we see that God can love us when we are lovable and we can love ourselves, so we feel good.  When we feel good, we feel light and ready to face the world from a mind of miracles.  We simply need to fill our own internal meter which notices if there is a lapse in our abundant feelings of joy and love.  We need to be full ourselves because this ls the only way to find lasting peace.  When we feel like we are cherished and nurtured and looked after then we feel good about the quality of life we are having and we can operate from a position of internal abundance.

When we feel good about ourselves then we are apt to stay in a place of producing and experiencing miracles because we feel like forgiveness is our privilege. This materializes when our hearts are so full.  The key to our own happiness is our heart that is overflowing with love.  When we realize that we are filled with God’s Love then everything about life appears then much easier and lighter.  We simply can cope externally and internally with a sense of joy because we feel so good about how we are loved by God.  And when we feel loved by God then we are reminded to love ourselves.

Holiness implies innocence.

The Course is teaching us how to sit in the certainty that we are totally loved and cared for by God.  We also get a vision of who God thinks we are- that we are in fact in every respect sinless and worthy.  God always holds us in the realm of holy and highly esteems us in every way.  We simply are learning how to get out of the way of interfering with this amazing Love of God’s.  We are learning to just take it in, and fly with it, regardless of how extraordinary it is.

We don’t have to pretend that we are worthy enough to accept this Love of God’s with the certainty we are worth it.  We have God telling us and showing us that we are worthy.  This is why God reminds us constantly that our holiness, meaning our esteemed worthiness, is the way that we gain every abundant aspect of the life we live.  God so loves us and God says we never did anything wrong and that is why we are both named and understood as holy.  We are totally innocent even in the midst of the nightmare we may find ourselves in.  God loves us as we are and declares us perfect in God’s eyes.

All we need to do is see it for ourselves.  We are encouraged to simply stop perpetuating our ego’s crazy dream.  This is an error- no problem.  We are implored to simply choose God for ourselves because God has chosen us.  We are requested to just remind us of God’s truth- that we are holy and that nothing can change this in any way.  And our holiness, God-given, is the truth that brings us all the comfort and peace of mind that we can even imagine.

∪We just need to own it and enjoy it.


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