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Lesson 59: Review: “God is the Love in which I forgive.”  “God is the strength in which I trust.”  “There is nothing to fear.”  “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.”  “I am sustained by the Love of God.”

I love this grouping of lessons.  It says-

±there is never a problem. 

The Course says all these things in one word or many pages.  It all says the same thing.  Yet the Course breaks it down for us a little so we get a more clear and in depth idea about what it is saying.  And whether it is in just a word or in many paragraphs it all says just these few things over and over.

God is always with us.  God always takes care of us.  God intervenes on our behalf in every way.  When we face our questions about how to proceed in an endeavor, the path becomes clear and easy because God is providing us with the perfect helping hand.  God is perfect and God gives us all of His power to get the path to go well and effortlessly.  The reason it is actually easy no matter what we encounter is because God is providing us with all the various aspects of support we could ever ask for.

We have God giving strength as we need someone with power to heal our minds and in that clarity then be able to venture on our way the best route.  The reason we rely on God’s strength is because the world can feel truly daunting.  We can be at an absolute loss about where to go and what to do.  We can be on our knees in serenity because we don’t know how to get up and walk again.  We sit with the humility of how it is to be human, the unavoidable pitfalls.  We can be on our knees for  the longest time because we can’t remember how to walk.  We can be absolutely paralyzed in our minds and/or bodies.

But what God shows us and gives us is the way to resume that smooth and confident stride forward.  God has strength that is such a stretch for us to have even a glimpse of comprehending.  We just have to lean on God and sit with the knowing and comfort that God is so powerful that even if we don’t understand how that can be, the truth is that it is.  We are asked to just stand out of the way and witness it until watching reminds us how to move forward again.  All we have to do is allow God’s strength to be that which we draw upon to simply allow the miracle of healing to happen.  All we have to do is let God be amazing, which is easy when we stop pretending God is limited.

We are shown in the Course how to let God be endlessly capable, in ways that we don’t realize.  All we have to do is just give God space to be extraordinary.  When we sit in what feels like the doldrums of day to day living, when we feel like we are limited by what life can offer, just stop and remind ourselves again that we sell life too short.  Our ego habit is to expect the worst.  This means we get sparse hits of hope at best.  This means we forget to embody what is extraordinary.

We can meet life bravely in our persistence for being an instrument of growth and change. 

We have the capacity with God’s help to create miracles all day long.  We  can sit with our minds filled with Love because we are children of God who are richly blessed with every bit of abundance.

We just need to bring this to our existence.  We so often sell ourselves short because we forget that we also have this tremendous capacity to create in our lives.  What we can do is create our own minds with the attraction to light and Love and allow this to be ever present in our energy.  This the way to make life the best we could ever hope for.  This is the way to live in that amazing happy dream.  Even if this mind watching the Course proposes seems a tad over the top, all we have to do is get up and do it.  We can do it because we have the strength and Love of God to bolster us in all the moments of our enthusiasm’s waning for the sustained vigilance that it takes to keep choosing peace.  This is always possible when we stay committed to doing it.  And we can love the vigilance because it is fun.

Courageous choices make us truly empowered.


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