ACIM Lesson 243

Lesson 243: “What is the world?”  “Today I will judge nothing that occurs.”

This lesson says, “Father, today I leave creation free to be itself.” 

The Course teaches us that we need to get out of the way.

The problem with our ego’s thinking is that we try to control everything. 

The ego likes to be the master planner and make all the world’s situations exactly as the ego sees fit.  The problem with this is when we put the ego in control, we always suffer.  The ego makes itself the most important thing and the ego loves to listen to itself.  Thus we end up getting an earful from our egos when they are dissatisfied with the plan before us.  The ego complains incessantly because it likes to affirm its existence in making its voice heard.

This is always the root of our suffering because what the ego says is nasty, unkind, unfriendly, and always demeaning, and always demanding. 

The ego never has a kind word for us when we hear the ego’s voice.  That’s why we suffer- because we get agitated at all the cruel and self centered things the ego says.  This is never fun.

That is why we are never in peace when we let the ego rule.

Furthermore, the ego has only thoughts of lack as well. Thus, anything the ego interprets in the world will be based in limitation. 

Thus, we never end up with positives when the ego is in control.

The Course is teaching us to just let God be our guide.  God is the only suitable guide and benefactor for us.

God is always happy to provide for us when we simply make a choice to let Him be the guide. 

The problem is that the ego makes us think that it is incapable of moving.  The ego likes to plant its foot in the ground of our minds and pretend like it is never going to move.  The Course reminds us that when we have God’s help we can get the ego to get out of the way.

It may be necessary to pray and ask for help.

Part of the blessing of being God’s children is that He is always available to help us when we ask for it and or need it. 

However, we just want to make sure we allow the ego to be dislodged from our minds.  We must bring our willingness to play our part in choosing God instead of the ego.

Then, God can take it from there.

Often, we can come to believe we can’t get out of the way.  The problem is always us. 

And we must forgive ourselves for it.

This happens over and over.  We just have to trust that God has a plan and that we are in the perfect spot at any given time.  We just need to build on our faith- which just requires practice to develop adequately.

This lesson reminds us that the Universe, as God’s creative endeavor, works exactly as it is supposed to- if we don’t do anything to add to it. 

The ego always wants to add to the Universe that God has created for us.

The ego always wants to retain the power of the role of creator.  We are learning to appreciate that God is always taking care of the Universe’s happenings.

We are asked to do nothing.

This is beautiful.  We can rest.  We can frolic and play.  The ego likes to keep hold on everything.  Thus, our giving up this control is the only way to truly get to God and get to peace.  God’s plan is perfect exactly as it is.

All we have to do is realize this, step aside, and be still.  We allow our minds to be filled with the light of simplicity as we don’t have to fix anything.


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