ACIM Lesson 224

Lesson 224: “What is forgiveness?”  “God is my Father, and He loves His Son.”

This lesson says, “My true Identity is so secure, lofty, sinless, glorious and great, wholly beneficent and free from guilt, that Heaven looks to give It light.” 

We can feel so good, relaxed, and certain we are lovable because we are assessed with such a loving, tremendous description. 

God is describing here each and every one of us.  God uses these words specifically and used together in this phrase to attempt at an accurate description of us given all of our talents and positive qualities.  The Course reminds us that our egos habitually put us down.  The ego makes us the lowest one on the totem pole.

We are in the process of learning to esteem ourselves accurately. 

The ego acts as if we are a lame excuses for human beings.  The ego has no bit of truth in its perception.  The Course rather simply asks us to learn that our ego is totally off base.  It is not at all true.  God on the other hand always is.

This is the the best and most powerful way we can be described.  We actually sound as people that are worthy beyond compare. 

This means that we are all destined for the happiest and healthiest of lives because God decrees it so.  We absorb this amazing way of being described.  Jesus stops at nothing to tell us this wonderful truth about us.

He wants us to get how wonderful we are so that this sentence will continue to reverberate in our consciousness and erase doubt of our egos’ when it creeps in.

We are given the gift of lightness and joy because God deems us worthy of living always holy instants and miracles galore.

This says our “Identity,” with a capital “I” (because it is of God) is secure.  God gives us the right to be sinless in God’s esteem.  

God says there is no way our Identity that we share with God can in any way be threatened.

Therefore, we adopt a total sense of certainty when we stop worrying God will leave us when the tides of our fortune change.   The Course reminds us always that we are given the ultimate gift of freedom- from anything damaging and freedom from any thoughts that make us anxious. 

Nothing ill can happen because God wants us to have this sweet reality were we are completely carefree.

God absolutely cares that we are happy and nurtured so He tells us here that our Identity- that we share with God and all others in the holy joining with our siblings- is guaranteed and never will necessitate any overarching concern.

That means we can sit and spend all of our moments immersed in the bliss of God’s everlasting Love because we have no worries of any kind.

The Course reminds us that God loves us so much that we actually get infused with light in the deal.

God not only clarifies once and for all that each and every one of us is gifted with the essence we all share communally with our beloved siblings.  We all also get this light that comes pouring forth into the depths of our souls and minds because God doesn’t just want to stop at simply clarifying how great we are.

God gives us this rush of energy in light form. 

We all get a gentle blast of this light that is the highest blessing we could ask for, just because God thinks we are all worthy of the gift beyond measure.


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