Miracles Lesson 341

Lesson 341: “I can attack, but my own sinlessness and it is only that which keeps me safe.” 

The “What is a miracle” section says, “A miracle is a correction. It does not create nor really change at all. It merely looks on devastation and reminds the mind that what it sees is false.”

This description of a miracle rocks my world. It penetrates my mind and seeps so deeply into my heart that I feel it so profoundly. It gives me a crystal clear way of helping me change my mind in a profound, lighted, deep way.  

 I love the meaning of this passage. It feels like the best description of how the Course sees a miracle, so it is worth identifying it. It is perfect and determines the beautiful way the Course considers a miracle.

A miracle is something that does not do anything. The miracle adds by subtracting.

The use of a miracle adds because it changes the world’s problems by erasing them, and the miracle itself does not change. It disappears, so fewer problems reveal themselves because we apply miracles. 

It is a correction that works perfectly and changes whatever it affects but does technically not do anything. It looks at devastation and reminds the mind that what it sees is false. So, it does not do anything. This is why it is miraculous.

The miracle’s effects remind the mind that the world or what it sees is false. When we know what we applied to, the miracle changes, so then when we look at the wrong thing, the miracle has shifted, and then we only see the unreal world and the unreal problem.

Our thinking results in that suffering is optional. So then we can choose not to suffer, and all our suffering is negated.

I Infinitely love how a miracle is something I and we can use in the world. The Course explains that God gave us miracles to apply to the world.

The Course explains that our egos constantly complain about the world and all the chagrin we find there, which is always enormous. The world gives us problems in every category of life, so managing all of the issues there is a huge deal.

So the Course explains that all the world’s problems are only calls for love. When we see distress as simply and only a call for love, it ceases to have harmful effects. We react to them with ease, kindness, and peace because they no longer bother us.

So the miracle is a gift, and we can apply the miracle, which is love, and give the miracle to a call for love, satisfying the call for love with simple love.

Then, the picture of the world we have in our mental capsule is a nuanced picture of pleasure because we satisfy the world’s call for love with simple love, so our infinite amount of problems disappear when we use this method.

The Course explains miracles so there are no problems because they fade, and we see them as unreal and assume they no longer exist so we can allow them to disappear.


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