Miracles Lesson 14

The Course repeatedly reminds us that the world is meaningless and, therefore, God did not create it.

The ego goes full speed ahead, making misery in the world. The Course explains how we have this experience of horror in the world. No kidding!! The world fills up with blemishes, so we need to realize that things are actual.

But do not stop with the simple identification of all of the horrors, but remember that God did not create them; therefore, they are unreal.

The world is an illusion, so that is fantastic news for us to see the world as unreal and therefore unable to affect us in any way.

Our egos are always making misery and despair in the world, but we can allow the world not to involve us since it is inaccurate when we remember this. This change is such a miracle that we stop getting pained by the world, and we will enable it to disappear with no adverse effects.

Knowing the truth feels so good because then all of that horror in the world is not hard for us. After all, it is not real.

 All of those miseries in the world disappear, and we get to rewrite all we see. So we don’t suffer over anything. 

 I know when I truly embrace the meaningless of the world, I get to enjoy myself, so it is worth reminding myself. I love the idea of the world being meaningless because it allows me not to resist the world when I remember the truth that it is pointless.

I also feel so much lighter about the world when I remember this. I know that the horrors in my world are insane, so the Course reminds me to get out of the dismay simply by holding the awareness that God did not create it, and the world is not accurate.

 I think the Course is brilliant, saying God did not create the world, so it helps me accept that the world is an illusion.

I know God would never create the horrors I see in my world, so I am so grateful that the Course says hands down that God did not create the world.

It helps me not be angry at God for creating the horrors so that I can let God off the hook, so this is a miracle when I stop blaming God for creating such dismay.

I have never believed that God created the world, but before I read the Course, I had big questions because I saw all the dismay in the world. I did not know who to blame this situation on if I did not want to attribute it to God, so I am grateful for the Course’s clarity about this.

All Love,


Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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