ACIM Lesson 78

Lesson 78: “Let miracles replace all grievances.”

This lesson says, “He who was enemy is more than friend when he is freed to take the holy role the Holy Spirit has assigned to him.” 

When we hold grievances against another, we automatically assume they are the enemy because this is how the ego interprets our relationships. 

We jump to the conclusion that whoever has seemingly wronged us can be no more than the person we hold at arm’s length because we are then avoiding interacting.  

When we feel a grievance toward someone we certainly feel not interested in interacting with them because we can feel too raw from the wounds we feel that we got from whatever attack they made toward us.

We, then, do not allow them any latitude in our own initiation of forgiveness because the ego likes it this way.  

The problem is that we get so invested in our grudges against this people, then we don’t allow them to serve us in the most profound way. 

The Course says that our brothers and sisters are meant to walk the journey to heaven together hand in hand.

Our shared journey is one of God’s uniting love because this is the way God decided that it would be. 

God gives us the option of getting to heaven in a state of love as this is the only option available.  The joining of our brothers and sisters is paramount.

This state of joining with them is the most natural energy and force because it is simply the eagerness in and perfection of God’s love- which is shared. 

When it is shared, it becomes bigger because everyone feels it.

This is what makes God’s love unique to God’s love.  

This is why we are asked in the Course specifically to make peace with our brothers and sisters.

When we feel peace with them, then we let go of any and all grievances and we then are open to God’s perfect energy and love.

The Course says that our brothers and sisters are the ticket to our getting to heaven because that sharing of God’s energy is a perfect experience. 

Further, when we feel this perfection, we elevate our consciousness to one where we are as close to God as possible and still be in the human experience. 

The Course says we need to join with our brothers and sisters to get to heaven because this is the only way to expand and completely feel God’s love.

The Course teaches that our brothers and sisters are more than just friends.  They are actually our tickets to heaven.

This sharing of love is how we get smack dab into our salvation.   

Therefore, our brothers and sisters are a vital piece to the solution of how we get home to heaven.

They are the only way for us to get there because we learn how to love through loving them.  

We are asked to stay vigilant about releasing our grievances.  When we are harboring these inside then our flow of love in connecting with our brothers and sisters simply gets blocked.

The Course says they are way more than friends because our loving them is the way we get to the highest level of energy and experience on the earth; we get to God in the way we can while we exist as humans. 

The Course says that our brothers and sisters have the holy role that the Holy Spirit assigned to them.

Therefore, we can just appreciate them, and thus, let go of grievances because we are rather investing our energy in our appreciation for the holy role they fill in our getting to heaven.


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