Release bitterness

Release bitterness:  

The dictionary defines bitterness as being angry and disappointed at being mistreated; resentment.

Remember that we as humans so regularly feel bitterness over what has happened in our lives. We can feel biter when others are in a position of causing us to think that they have mistreated us. 

 When something terrible happens to humans, we get upset because our ego likes to chime in consistently and complain. The ego is filled with tons of attack energy that it feels, and we respond to the world with chagrin and dismay. 

Remember that the world will stop upsetting us if we stop being upset about it. We must choose not to be upset about the world, so our suffering will end.

Bitterness is something we need to release, and if we don’t, we will go through life with all kinds of problems.

When we feel bitter, we have forgotten how extraordinary our lives are, so we need to remind ourselves that we are gifted with this incredible capacity to heal our bitterness.

We are gifted with life, and there are plenty of big and small things in life for which to feel grateful. We can not count all of our blessings in life, but we forget to look at and receive the benefit. 

We need to forgive everyone and forgive the world. We need to forgive ourselves so that we no longer will be bitter.

The world is something about which there will always be upsets, so we need to remain focused on ignoring it all and releasing any of our perceived challenges.

Removing can take some time and effort, so we need to stay on the task of doing so.  

Bitterness is when we feel burned by the world. If we allow it to increase within us, we all block the flow to God’s Love. Bitterness is the worst thing that can happen to us.

Bitterness feels raw and vulnerable. We need to invite in peace, and the way to do that is to think that all is well.

We no longer hold the world responsible for being difficult when we believe that all is well. And then our bitterness disappears.

We need to watch our minds consistently and not allow any darkness within in the form of bitterness.

When we believe others mistreat us, we are angry at the person or situation involved, so we need to forgive the insanity we see in whatever person upsets us.

We think there is a problem in the world, so the best way to resolve our suffering is to get crystal clear that all is well in the world, and then we will consequently release our bitterness.

So this is a reminder for us that will help us heal the situation by allowing it all to be okay.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski


 Licensed Acupuncture


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