ACIM Lesson 5

Lesson 5: “I am never upset for the reason  I think.” 

The reason we suffer is because we believe in our own reality emotionally.

We get upset about whatever happens in the world from the stand point of being judgmental.

We see that everything is a problem because it looks like one, and the ego is quick to make a problem at each juncture. 

We suffer because we believe things are a certain way.

If we are not suffering over it, then we end up feeling good because we have not decided things are a certain way.  

The Course gives us this amazing opportunity to live life without suffering, and the way we do this is first to realize what is it that makes us upset, and how can we go down the road of not suffering about this. 

When we believe in anything we give it power because we focus on it energetically, and then, our connection with it expands.  This is why we learn in the Course to just allow for a little bit of space within us, with the possibility we were wrong about whatever it is.

When we get rigidly pressed thinking that things are the way they are, then our intention actually ends up getting into a position where we manifest this in our lives.

The purpose of the Course is to get us to sit back and consider how things are and check them out without being rigidly decisive in the process. 

This amount of space we leave in our minds actually helps to prevent any kind of creating this and manifesting it into our reality.


The Course says just don’t make the assertion that things are the way they are.  That is actually all we need to do.

The moment we simply give our minds space in the process of deciding how things are, then we are already well into creating a different result that we hope for.

We want to get to the place where we are open to the possibility that we can be wrong about the suffering in the situation in which we find ourselves.

This open space within us is all we need to simply open the door to another reality. 

When we recognize that we have chosen our own suffering in the way we perceive the situation at hand, then we already are so close to changing it, and then to end the suffering.  We just need to allow it to be different.

When we accept something, our acceptance has the joining energy we have when we are united with God.

The energy of God is simply the joining feeling.

This is why when we accept that we are wrong about anything, this is the best way to get ourselves to be united with God.

This open energy of accepting is God’s Will is what allows us to be powerful and have the momentum to make our lives look as we want.


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