ACIM Lesson 6

Lesson 6: “I am upset because I see something that is not there.” 

The Course invites us to be clear about what is going on within us.

We want to know what is actually causing our pain.

We all have upsets, this seems part of simply being human. 

In some ways it seems impossible to change this fact that upsets happen.  They are actually not unavoidable.  We can look at what it is within us that we truly believe is the situation.

We get these upsets regularly certainly, but the reality is that they are all caused by our ego’s perception. 

We have this ego part of us that doesn’t yet understanding how to bring a miracle.

We have this part of us longing for God’s love and energy of perfect healing, but we often don’t know how to get there.

The Course is our guidebook to start getting to the bottom of how to create our emotional worlds in a way that truly works and feels good. 

The Course reminds us that nothing we see in the world and in the ego’s illusion is real.

In fact, when we say that all of this is unreal, it is to simply realize that this is not the foundation of our Godly lives that sustains us. 

It is just not at all the substance upon which we need to live and survive with abundance.

The fact that it is unreal allows us to simply remember that these things that the Course deems unreal are simply things that have no true validity and therefore, in no way strongly affect us.  

When we suffer, we always cringe and feel terrible but the Course is reminding us to elevate ourselves so that we are not in the midst of the fray in the world. 

We are elevated above the battleground in God’s purpose, and this is why we can be not seriously affected by anything in the world.

Nothing has the power to penetrate our defenses in the world because it is not of God.

We all are inherently of God, and therefore, we are stronger than the world’s dramas and sufferings, and therefore, we rise above the suffering when we remember that we can.  

The Course gives us a very strong dose of getting ourselves into a new reality.

We are the ones in charge of creating our experience in our lives, and we are responsible for the way we respond to all we see. 

Our own perception is from our own making.

The Course wants us to simply realize that we have this problem of making our habit- getting upset about something and not knowing why. 

This just reminds us to not grasp at the world and make it look like anything in particular.

We all repeatedly make the thing in the world we are upset about always coming in the form of some recognizable form.  

We just want to realize how much we make someone else the villain.

We make someone out there responsible for us but the truth is that there is no one out there except for us the Course says.

  Therefore, I need to be willing to take responsibility for this practice we all have of blaming other people and situations instead of owning this within ourselves.


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