Lesson 259 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lesson 259: “What is sin?” “Let me remember there is no sin.”

The Course teaches us that the fact that there is no sin is not just a verbal story or an intellectual idea.  This is something for us to know and integrate within ourselves.  When we feel it then we can actually live it.  When we know there is no sin we hold an energy and feeling about us that is vastly different than life without it.  This simply means we are always in touch with our innocence.  Jesus teaches us in the Course that we are completely innocent, not just a little bit- but entirely innocent.

This means that the only appropriate way to live our lives is from the standpoint of perfect certainty.  When sin simply doesn’t exist in our own perception of ourselves then we can live as though we never made any error that was real.  That means we can walk with our heads held high always.  We can approach life not just with a bit of confidence, but we can live in God’s certainty which is far beyond even the biggest ego confidence.  We can interact with the world we see from a place  of knowing that we are ultra worthy of all good things and every shower of abundance.

This is because our innocence is always intact.

God says that sin simply isn’t real.  Therefore we can live with a light heart, not with the dark weight of guilt in which the world wants us to believe.  When we live instead from God’s certainty and thus a light heart, nothing seems difficult about the world because we bring love and forgiveness in its truest form within our energy field.  We then are asked to bring the Love of God without sin every instance.  This is why we can live entirely from a mind of joy and peace as we see that our lives are simply a witness to our innocence- which God has declared.

This is the way out of any stop we may be taking in the realm of hell.  When we bring God’s love with us to every circumstance, even if it looks like what the Course calls ‘a call for love,’ this is in fact perfect.  When we remember God’s certainty, then love exudes from us in every cell.  Thus, a call for love is soon remedied with the Love of God that bathes any idea of lack.  Therefore, we can know that we are infinitely blessed because our innocence is intact and always serves God, ourselves and the world.


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