Lesson 238 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lesson 258: “What is sin?” “Let me remember that my goal is God.”

The Course asks to do our part.  God is giving us the every bit of help along the way.  God has guaranteed that we will return to Him because this is our true home.  Leaving it ever, even in our minds, was simply a mistake.  When God corrects this then the only thing left to do is do our part.  God made this process a sure thing.  There is no way that somehow we will get lost in the process.  God says this can never happen because God is wholly perfect and so never loses His focus of staying ultimately connected to us- this is God’s Will.

Therefore, God is doing His part of being the ultra supporter.  There is no way God will fail to come through with what the Course proposes because God is nothing else but supremely powerful, with unlimited capacity. We can have total faith and confidence that God will be ever present and helpful because this simply is God.  There is no way He can change.

The Course says God always comes through with His plans.  And because God plans for us in His Will to be with Him, there is no way we can fail at this.  God is our sure bet.  The Course says I just have to be willing to play my part if I forget or get too busy or think I can’t follow through.  What Jesus says is there is never a moment when God forgets us.  We can be sure of this.  This is more than half the battle.  When we realize that God is always happy to have us as benefactors and His children then we are released from a monstrous weight.  We no longer need to walk around feeling anxious that God will not do His part.

This is a huge deal.  The ego can’t say- well, God may not come through with His promise to share with us peace and demonstrate how to live in our salvation, so I won’t try to maintain my willingness to do my part.  Our egos can be quick to jump ship when they think God may not be taking care of the tides.   Our egos may not willing to play any role or make any effort to choose God when our egos already decide God’s love is a lost cause.

We are asked to keep telling ourselves that God loves us no matter what and God is out to take care of us regardless of what we look like or feel like.  We have to take this and insert it into our minds with a clear focus.  We can rest with this certainty of God’s love for us and His commitment toward us.  However, we are asked to simply play our part of having a little willingness to accept this gift from God.


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