ACIM Lesson 241

Lesson 241: “What is the world?”  “This holy instant is salvation come.”

This lesson says, “What joy there is today!” 

We are graced with a way out of our inner hell now because God gives us the keys to His Kingdom.

All we have to do is realize that we can do it in this very instant. 

The Course in pages, is a long, detailed process, but the basic ideas are very simple and straightforward.

Once understood, we learn is that we can have peace now. 

We don’t have to wait for any special occasion.  The door to God and our joy is always open.  All we have to do is be willing to do it in this very moment.

The Course says that achieving peace can take a long, long time, and it can also take just the present moment.  Regardless of how practiced and advanced we are at learning the Course, this makes no difference at all.

We could have just started yesterday and this moment is still a perfectly attainable potential of peace for us to stop in and cherish. 

We never have to wait on God because God is always in this state of perfection.  God never changes and the way God loves us never changes.  Therefore, we don’t have to wait on God to turn a favorable opinion of us because God always love us.

This means that we don’t have to do anything to get to God but think of God and the deed is done. 

The Course teaches us how to remember that the journey to reach God is simple.

The present is the only place we can ever be because it is the only true state where we can be with God. 

Therefore, we just have to be willing to come to the moment and remember that peace is always possible.  We don’t have to weigh out when peace is convenient.

It is our right because God says so. 

That means we are worthy of being peaceful, and thus, we can never be too far from achieving it when we make it our priority.

God says that joy is our right in this moment.

This means an immense celebration for us. 

We don’t have to feel guilty for being happy. 

We just have to sit and love the experience of being joyful.  That is our purpose.

And we can love that everyone else is offered the exact same delight because God makes certain that everyone gets taken care of and given the best of all experiences. 

When we feel badly that we are very happy when another may be in the midst of a challenging life event, just sit respectfully with their process and be kind with people’s hurdles.

The challenges they face are valid to them.  We can honor their processes.

And give them space for whatever healing they need and love for being in need. 

We want to be gentle with them.  But we never need to feel guilty for being happy.  Being happy is our gift to everyone.  

When we feel happy, our energy is contagious.

We end up bringing lightness to the masses because we are filled with Love which is another form of joy.  Other people may have moments of feeling down about their challenges. Just appreciate that it is God’s will for everyone to be happy.  We are asked to feel this happiness as much as we can because it is God we are experiencing.  We bring God to the world when we feel this lightness ourselves.

Just have compassion for people when they are blue, and just keep our minds focused on our own joy. 

That inner contentment brings that energy to everyone else when we exude it from our hearts. 

Just give others the gift of being showered with energy that brings them light too, at least in a spell of time when they are open to being light again.  The more we bring it with us, the more others will be able to shift into it as well.


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