ACIM Lesson 145

Lesson 145: Review: “My mind holds only what I think with God.”  “Beyond this world, there is a world I want.”  “It is impossible to see two worlds.”

The Course very clearly tells us that the world as the ego sees it is a place of destruction and despair.

We often find ourselves in the experience of intense suffering over the world because we hold what is happening in the world with a perception of our believing everything we see. 

We forget when we are lured by the ego that the world is not real.  The world seems like our worst nightmare because it is filled with all that we think is not what we want.

The Course reminds us that we are invited to get to that place where we accept the world is unreal. 

When we do, then our suffering ceases or at least is far smaller simply because we remember that since nothing there is real, then, we are affected by the world with a far lighter impact.  

Everything does not seem like a weighty mess, because we are coasting over it. 

We float over the battleground because God’s energy and essence is light. 

When we are light, nothing pulls us down because we are engaging with a wonderfully healthy and helpful energy- which is God’s, and we are no longer mired by the world’s consequences.

The Course gives us the good news that the world is not real.

This allows us to totally change our perspective because now we can skate above the unfortunate challenges of the world and not be scathed by the intensity of the pain we encounter.

Once we get that the world is not real, and we put our relationship with the unreal world in proper perspective, then, all we need to do is come back to the world and show up with the intention of truly wanting to thrive in the world.  

When we carry that inner knowing the world is unreal then we can approach all the world’s problems with a light heart and a forgiving attitude because there is nothing else to do but love it when we are not suffering over perceived problems. 

We are reminded that when we are doing the work of the miracle worker- and bringing love to every situation that needs love- and carrying love within ourselves, and showering it over all the other stuff, because God’s Love within us is so abundant, then suddenly the world becomes our dream come true.

When we skate over the hard stuff and feel the lightness in our minds, then all that we see in the world now just becomes a great place to practice forgiveness and empowerment and holding our certainty because it is the perfect place to evolve and to get to know ourselves.

The world is actually blessed when we give it all to God and simply remember that all of its happenings are just places to breathe, sit and listen, and laugh and play, because we can, and there is nothing going on there that is not for our own best interests.


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