ACIM Lesson 146

Lesson 146: Review: My mind holds only what I think with God.”  “No one can fail who seeks to reach Him in truth.”  “I loose the world from all I thought it was.”

The Course teaches that one of the most fundamental problems we have is that we become attached to the world, and this then causes us undue suffering. 

We start with some basic tenets of the ego.

We tend to believe the world as the ego perceives it. 

The ego projects out our inner ego thoughts, and then the world we see is created as a result.

The Course reminds us to really notice what we do with the rigidity of the ego’s perspective.

It is true; we create reality as we see it, and this itself is bad enough if we are not keen on what the ego’s reality is and we don’t want to be faced with the unpleasant worldly realities the ego espouses. 

However, what is even worse than that, is that we become inordinately attached to the reality we see when the ego makes it. 

We get locked very specifically and rigidly in seeing the reality the way the ego thinks it should be.

The ego lets nothing interfere with its getting upset and judgmental about every last thing.  I mean everything.

The ego has a field day in creating attack thoughts because the ego likes to have its perceptions of reality to be exactly as the ego sees fit. 

And the ego is always pushing against reality. 

If it doesn’t look like the ego wants it, all hell breaks loose.

The problem is this intensity which which the ego fights back. 

The ego is battling itself, battling us in our minds and hearts.  It is at war with what it sees because the ego likes to fight and refuses to surrender the battle until the ego makes everything look just so.

The Course reminds us so brilliantly in this lessen how incredibly we latch onto the reality the ego wants to see. 

The ego clutches to its death seemingly in ferocity in the grasping of the world as it is.

The ego grabs it and refuses to let it be still and motionless.

The ego is the master at being rigidly in control, and insists on it with a heavy dark heart, that we follow blindly.  

The Course reminds us that we are asked to just see what is happening.

The ego, more than anything else, is consistently rigid. 

The ego may change its story, may change on the surface, many times, because this is part of the manner of the ego’s evasiveness, and prevents us from nailing down the truth of whether ego’s presence  is with the ego or God.

We try to figure out if God is in control or the ego.

The ego can shape-shift like there is no tomorrow. 

But what we can always count on, is that the ego is rigid.  The ego is never pliable and easy to to shift around.  This is the way we can recognize when the ego is at the helm.

If the ego has that fierce grip, it is the ego. 

Take a step back and choose again.


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