ACIM Lesson 147

Lesson 147: Review: “My mind holds only what I think with God.”  “I will not value what is valueless.”  “Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.” 

We are asked to get to the new definition of what forgiveness is.  

The Course sends us back to the drawing board and we have a chance to reset our minds, to reset our thinking.  Forgiveness in the world is weighted with all the should’s we can possibly put on forgiveness.

The ego’s version of forgiveness is that reality where forgiveness comes with endless judgement. 

Forgiveness also comes with a whole line of expectations about how forgiveness should be accepted and how forgiveness should be doled out.

The world encompasses a forgiveness that we run from because it is always in line with forgiveness that has conditions. 

No one wants to participate in whatever role we are meant to play in the circumstances of forgiveness because it all comes with an endlessly high price to pay.

Forgiveness seems like a chore we run from, because we believe a whole lot of should’s on the forgiveness-task-list and this is never pleasant.

Forgiveness, rather in the Course’s version, is a steady and easy expression of love we carry over into a world that is sorely lacking love.  When we see a call for love, then we often need to apply forgiveness as well.

This forgiveness is a gift from God so that we can bring love to the world where we had the ego-perception that something went wrong there. 

This is why we need forgiveness because it heals the sick in the world who think a problem arose.

Forgiveness is just that gentle prodding to wake up from the dream.

Forgiveness is the part of God’s Love where we remember that everyone is whole and healed and needs nothing but the sharing of God’s Love in the form of forgiveness. 

We sometimes believe the world is filled with something we did wrong. 

This is an error.  There is nothing to feel guilty about because we are never in the wrong place in the wrong time.

We do, however, have moments of forgetting our lovability and forgetting that we can bring the miracle and shift into a totally healed perception. 

This is why forgiveness is the energy that nourishes us.

It teaches us that nothing we did was more than mistake of zero consequence, and therefore, our guilt simply needs to be laid aside. 

Forgiveness is all we need for a full reversal into the mindset of God when we forget or make mistakes. 


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