ACIM Lesson 36

Lesson 36: “My holiness envelops everything I see.”

When we get to the world  and it looks seriously disturbing and it can seem absolutely devastating, because it seems like there is no way to change it or heal it. 

This can make us feel off the charts disempowered. 

We just can sit in our helplessness and be completely frozen with no way to stay in a functioning capacity.  We all get this inner stuck feeling when it feels like we can’t ameliorate the suffering we see and feel.  This is terrible for us.

Helplessness is all we can feel at times, and sometimes it can be so extreme, that at moments it can feel too difficult to continue to take steps to progress our lives or progress the situation we are upset about.  

The Course remind us that our forgiveness of ourselves is a necessity when we are stuck.

We are asked to forgive ourselves because forgiveness in the Course’s terms is completely healing. 

Our forgiveness softens our hearts so we are no longer stuck.

When we forgive, we allow ourselves the gift of not judging ourselves, so that we can not have to waste our energy trying to alleviate the return attack energy that the ego brings. 

But instead, we can use our energy to truly come and take whatever appropriate action steps are important and part of the solution, instead of our suffering about the whole thing.

We just need to remember no matter how stuck we are in the moment, we can always come and heal the world because we bless it with God’s perfect love.

We can completely heal ourselves and all situations we see with the simple thought of God’s love. 

We don’t have to do anything extravagant or take visible action steps. 

It is enough to feel God’s energy and love and sit and know that all are blessed with the simple intention. 

We just need to appreciate how powerful is God’s love, and trust that knowing it is there is all we need to do to save the world. 

This is why our holiness has such a powerful impact on the world, because it is our innocence  and the perfection of God’s love.


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