Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 86: Review: “Only God’s plan for salvation will work.”  “Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.” 

The Course says there is nothing wrong now and there never will be anything wrong.

Our worldly perspective is that we can attack God and in some way disrupt the relationship we have with God. 

This always leaves us anxious because we wonder whether God will be upset with us or how we will repair the damage we did our relationship with God through our grievances.  The world falls apart and things seem to damage each other, therefore, we get the idea over time that all things work like this.  This always leaves us in distress when we are always wondering and waiting for when the next axe will drop.

This approach to living leaves us always on the brink of falling apart when we are always trying to prevent things from falling into a state of catastrophe, where we have injured whatever we are interacting with.

The Course however takes a totally different view about God.  We learn that God is perfect and impenetrable.  We learn that God has supreme power and any and all capacity.  His power is far beyond our limited scope of perception.

The Course goes to great lengths to give us this far broadened perspective that God is indestructible. 

This means everything because then we don’t have to worry about God and wonder if we are injuring Him in any way from whatever are our worldly foibles.  When we are in the process of living our lives we can’t help but make mistakes because we are human.  When we wonder if God can manage the mistakes we made and then not be injured by them, then we spend our time giving God the personality of a fallible human.  The problem is that we project onto God what is the dilemma of human nature because we are just used to only seeing ourselves.  This means that we totally give God the energetic perception of one who is in danger of being affected and hurt in all ways.

The Course says God has the perfect capability to prevent any seeming injury.

To God the world is not real so nothing exists to God except for God. 

This is why we can trust that God can and will totally take care of Himself because He doesn’t need to.  He simply never has a moment of being vulnerable because He is pure Love which is indestructible.  This means we can stop our incessant worry about whether something like our attack thoughts in the form of grievances will impact God in any way.  When we live as a human, we invariably are clumsy at times and accidentally include grievances within the Love we exude.  This means that even when we aren’t able to catch the grievance and prevent its occurrences within our love, we can simply relax about it.  God is in no way impacted.  Our relationship with God is totally sustained and perfectly uninjured and the Course says this is something we can totally rely on.  Therefore, we can let go of any fear that we will disturb our energetic connection with God.


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