Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 87: Review: “I will there be light.”  “There is no will but God’s.”

This lesson says, “In the light, this will look different.” Even when our minds and hearts are full of attack and full of conflict, this can all look different.  We can find peace and light when we are willing to do our part.

Our staying tuned into seeing things differently gives us the backbone we need to create our peace. 

The Course gives us a way to solve all and any problem.  We simply need to choose a different perspective.

The Course teaches us about light and God’s light.  It says that this light of God’s totally heals whatever conflict we feel within.  God’s light heals any conflict we perceive outside of us.

♣Nothing is omitted from the extraordinary reach of this light. 

All areas that appear to be lacking or a call for Love, these can all be perfectly resolved when we look to God’s mentality to shift our own experience of it.  This means we simply need to show up and be willing to bring God’s light to it.

Sometimes the ego declares something a lost cause so we stop attending to the notion of healing it because we automatically assume we can’t see things at all differently.  This is always a shame because God’s light is always the salve that brings ares of challenge into alignment with God energy.

When we apply God’s light we also realize at the same time that there is never anything wrong. 

Therefore, we can have that shift we need in light in our own minds.

The world sometimes seems to be dark; then sometimes we get stuck trying to fix something there.  Sometimes we get stuck in the notion that the world needs to be fixed.  This is a real tragedy because then we get wrapped up in trying to ameliorate suffering in the world which usually appears to be physical.  The Course says this is not what needs to be our highest priority.  We want to understand that the most important and the only important place to shed light is in our minds and among other minds.

We need to be healed within ourselves and heal our energetic connection with the world. 

This is our most important task and this is how our peace in living is totally enhanced.

We are learning in the Course how to experience the light within our minds.  We want to realize we are perfectly healed from this alone.  When our minds are filled with light then everything seems easy because this light is an inspiration from God’s love.  This is why we are taking the practical steps in the Course to be able to get to a place where God’s Light and love is ever present in our consciousness.  We just need to realize that whatever happens in the world may have importance in the current moment within our human life.  However, we need to participate in answering whatever calls us there with a mind that is illuminated with God’s’ most extraordinary energy.

God is light and God is gentleness and kindness.  God wants us to understand that our task is to show up to the world’s circumstances with a light heart.  We can let go of any dreary memory of our past woes.  We are gaining practical experience in the Course how to bring a light mind to all that faces us.

When we do then nothing seems a burden because we just realize we are blessed as bringers of light.

We serve in the sharing of this light.  Sometimes we bring the world healing salves in the way of bandages.  What matters most however is that we give from the ocean of God’s light.

♥This is the only way to give and feel fed while we do it because it is from the infinite source of God.  

This is why light always heals even if the healing timeline is less seemingly noteworthy.  Sometimes we don’t see the world change when we bring God’s light with us to heal the world.  We just are asked to trust that this ritual of healing the world with God’s light is all happening in its own time.  We can just enjoy the process of feeling God’s light and living as an expression of light.  This is the way to live the greatest happiness.


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