ACIM Lesson 327

Lesson 327: “What is Creation?”  “I need but call and You will answer me.”

This lesson says, “Let me attempt therefore to try them and judge them not.” 

The Course teaches us of a God who is more than happy to bend over backwards and take care of us all through the process of our learning faith. 

Our process of gaining a faith that is powerful in facing whatever obstacles we find in the world is sometimes slow and laborious.  We are heartened in reading the Course because we get to hear about and then interact with a God who is so totally dedicated to us- that God walks with us hand in hand through each moment and curve and crevasse of our learning faith.

This helps so much because we can be afraid of a challenging and exhausting process but the Course reminds us God loves us so completely He is willing to carry us when we get tired.  

Learning faith is a lifetime process and can take extensively longer than we might hope. 

But we learn from the Course that God cares about us through all ups and downs and carries the torch for us all the way through our darkened minds where we need to explore in finding a way to live in faith all the time.

God loves us that He never judges us.  God isn’t angry if we want to test God’s promises to discover whether they are true.  God doesn’t put us down for wanting to verify some of what the Course teaches us God is truly like.

Take His promises and find ways to look deeper into their truths and see if they hold water themselves. 

We are encouraged to trust God and trust that God is absolutely cool about giving us the space to discover whether God’s promises are valid and true.  We don’t have to feel badly about this desire to dig deeper into what can foster our faith.

God wants to be there with us, and sit with us, and talk with us and encourage us.   God is the most appropriate parent we could have and He is totally happy to give us the spiritual support to stop and check out God’s truth.

God loves us like a best friend would who is the favorite person we could want to hang out with.

God wants us to get the Love and certainty of God’s commitment into our hearts and let it flourish and multiply because we are so comfortable with this.  In order to get to this state we need to trust God.

This is why it works if we let God be the present and wonderful parent we always wanted being there and supporting us.  We can accept God as He truly is when we grow our faith.  God as part of His gifts package gives us the right to question God and find out if God is honest and straightforward.

God takes no offense at this gesture the Course reminds us we can do because God in no way can be threatened by our simply asking God for the truth.  

Since God is true, His opportunity to demonstrate this to us is a gift to God as well because it is the way we come to a knowing that we can join God safely.  

Also through this process we let go of our fear of God- that God could be false.

God has all the Emotional Intelligence that one can have and God knows that this is part of our processes of getting to know and trust God and it is part of where we need to go to get to God. 

That means we end up with God in the end and then everyone is happy. 


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