ACIM Lesson 326

Lesson 326: “What is Creation?”  “I am forever an Effect of God.”

My bookmark in my Course book says, “Forgive myself and others so that I can love myself and others so that I can help myself and others.”  

The Course is teaching us to serve others and ourselves with a happy and grateful heart. 

When we remember we are God’s children, then we connect with the reality the Course teaches us is true about ourselves. 

It says that we have all the powerful and amazing qualities of God as our creator and that we are able and confident in bringing the best of ourselves to the world to offer whatever gifts we feel called to give.   We must get into the habit of realizing that our identity as God’s children is a done deal.

God gives us all the favor and the amazing personality qualities needed and extraordinary capacity to speak and do for the world while carrying the purpose of loving and forgiving. 

We bring our contribution to whatever appears to be in a state of call for love.  When the world needs help and support, we are asked to go and give our gifts- even if that is simply our loving those in each situation and asking God for their healing.  This prayer is powerful in itself.

Beyond that, we have a calling to bring whatever vocation and amazing skills to the world so we can serve in whatever way is most appropriate for us as individuals. 

We always have purpose in the world because we are meant to serve with a happy heart. 

Our assisting the world’s needs means we are able and eager to share whatever we are designed specifically to bring to the masses.

This includes whatever we can bring to heal the people needing more love.  We often bring love through our vocation.  People generally develop skills to share for the world’s service as they hone their expertise.

The Course is teaching us that when we identify as God’s children, then we feel no longer like we have low self esteem with the ego’s mentality.

When we identify with God, as the direct Effect and direct creation of God, then our self- worth goes way, way up- so far we can’t even see it.  We finally get to a comfort of feeling good about ourselves because it is obvious that God loves us exactly as we are.

When we get to this place at last of feeling totally elevated in our self worth, then we no longer need to spend maximal amounts of energy trying to fill that inner void. 

God is the only effective content for constructing our self worth that works in the long run. 

This means then we have no need to waste tons of time finding external sources to make us feel better about ourselves.

We can still enjoy the world, but it is not in the hopes of filling an inner void.

It is simply to laugh and play because we feel so good already with the news that God gives us the right to our inner freedom and joy because we are not locked into a dynamic where we are trying to make ourselves feel adequate.

The whole point of learning the Course is so we can apply it to our lives and serve the world through the Course’s lens of lightness and forgiveness.


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