ACIM Lesson 325

Lesson 325: “What is Creation?”  “All things I think I see reflect ideas.”

The Course teaches us to give a bit of opening to doubt about what we see. 

The problem is that the ego thinks everything is exactly what we see with our eyes.  The ego thinks everything is precisely as the ego gives meaning.

The Course teaches us to take a step back from this decisive stance. 

The ego’s perception is always an error but we forget to take things lightly and be shown the true nature of how something is.

The Course asks us to take a step back from the ego’s arrogance that it knows the gist of what we see.  We learn how to give space for doubt about what the ego tells us is certain and true.  That doubt is the way we let God in.

The doubt actually serves us because it allows us to get out of the ego’s insane rigidity that it perceives correctly. 

This doubt is our way to get to God. 

The doubt is simply a different enough perception of things from the ego’s that the doubt affords us an opening to get a foot in the door of our minds and then allow God to open our minds further, listening to God’s view of things.

We are asked to take lightly this rigid reality the ego feeds us.  It is all just our perception and it is often false.  This is why we are asked to simply give permission in our minds for God to show up and show us the true nature of God’s Knowledge in interpreting the world.

The Course teaches us that everything we see, even the things that appear to be in hard form and concrete matter are simply ideas manifested out in a way we can see them visually.  We must learn to accept that everything is simply thinking projected externally.

We want to hold  lightly to the idea that things we see are somehow more real because we see them in physical form.  This is false. 

This gives us a rigidity in our world- concept.  

We are disempowered when we forget that our world is anything other than how we made it. 

We don’t want to fortify the ego’s attachment to the rigidity of the idea that form is real because this reinforces our belief that we can’t change what we see in form.  When we believe God or we or both do not have the power to alter something, then we feel powerless.

We simply must realize that God has the power to change anything even if it appears in form as a physical trait.

Through our remembering God has supreme power to rearrange anything and everything. then we don’t feel hopeless and disheartened. 

Then, we can feel rather empowered because we realize we must take the form of the world in context. 

When we put the solid nature of the world next to God’s power, there is simply no comparison.  God can change whatever He wants and we can with His help when He deems appropriate.

We simply must hold lightly to the the idea of the unchanging nature of form so we don’t feel weak ourselves, that there is something bigger and stronger than God.  When we do, we get a misaligned view of the God’s nature, as well as the world’s.  It is totally incorrect.

It also makes us unhappy and we lose our peace of mind when we have the skewed perception of God as incapable of asserting strength more completely and effectively than the best the world can offer.


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