ACIM Lesson 364

Lesson 364: The Final Lessons:

The Epilogue here says, “Your Friend goes with you.”

I love the Course’s reminder here that God is our Friend.  The Friend is capitalized and that is how we know it is referring to God.

I love the Course’s concept of God that completely undoes the terror story of the world that God is a severely punishing God who is always in the back of His mind, ready to attack us for all things. 

The Course wants us to totally erase that old crazy concept of God. 

We want to release it entirely and forget it ever existed in the first place so that we can be free from this intense inner guilt and fear we feel whenever we think of a God who is judgmental and eager to punish us.  

The Course says that God is actually like our best friend.

This concept is such a gift because our best friend is someone we have chosen specifically for this role because they are people with suitable personalities for this role in our lives. 

We chose people who will love us and stand by us no matter what happens in the world or what happens to us personally. 

Our best friends will rally for us to the end because they are dedicated to us specifically.

This is why we want them as best friends, so that we have someone nearby we can trust as much as possible.

We get to make our vision of God like this friend- that we know will stick by us in the fray of the world’s drama.

We are asked to erase all the incorrect information we gleaned from the world about the nature of God and replace it with the image of our best friend instead. 

But what matters is that we remember that our best friend, as great as they are, are simply human, and have all the failings of all humans.

Therefore, we want to not carry this image over into our view of God.

Because God is supremely powerful and perfect there is never a moment He does not come through.

Therefore, we can trust that the Friend image we have for God is actually even way better than that we have with our best human friend because God never has the shortcomings of humans.


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