ACIM Lesson 232

Lesson 232: “What is salvation?”  “Be in my mind, my Father, through the day.”

The Course is teaching us how to rest in certainty.  

And how to do everything in certainty.  Traditionally religion has been that Sunday event where we go for an hour and make penance for our sins.  Most religions don’t have an image of God of one who is ultra loving as well as a blast to be with.

We chalk God up to a chore that we are supposed to take care of- as a necessity we don’t like much but tolerate- because we hear that our good behavior puts us in line to get through Heaven’s gate when we die.

The Course gives us this ultra wonderful view of God.  We have a God who is our very best friend, God who is entirely nonjudgemental and also optimally loving.  We also learn that God never equates us with sinners.  We get totally spared from such judging eyes.

God always gives us the right to be pure and whole and innocent no matter what we do.

God gives us the right to be totally loved, cherished and taken care of by God because of our inherently sinless nature. 

God loves us because He declares us lovable always.

This means that we are apt to have a really easy relationship with God. 

If we don’t feel guilty for being sinful because we aren’t, then we don’t feel the need to turn against ourselves.

When we think we have a sinful nature, we then believe we have to make others suffer for it because we don’t know how else to manage it.

The Course teaches we can stop feeling in any way badly for this sin the ego tells us we do have, so we never get to that acting out and therefore reduce our role in drama.

The Course teaches us a view of God that is wholly pleasant and totally happy for us to be in relationship with God.

God loves us so much we have no need to do any misguided, unaligned behavior because we don’t feel guilty for sinning.  And if we see that God is wholly wonderful because He loves us with this pure, ultra loving, appropriate and helpful love then we don’t have to try to avoid being around God because we don’t need to be afraid of Him.

When God is understood as a brute, then we don’t want to spend more than one hour a week with Him because we are not looking forward to it. 

And that hour we sacrifice to spend time with God in church is only because we are forced to do so because we will feel guilty if we don’t go.  The Course entirely rewrites God.  It turns out we totally misunderstood God.  We gave God the definition of one Who is totally punitive and grumpy.

This is why it matters so much that we rewrite how we see God.

We glean from the Course that spending time with God is an ultra luxury because God is the most cherished parent and dear friend we ever could have. 

This means that being with God is actually the best part of our days and weeks.  The Course reminds us that we get to spend every moment with God.

We are privileged because it actually feels so good it is indescribable. 

We can’t even begin to speak the wonder of how it is to have this Love connection with God all the time.  We are asked to appreciate that we are the lucky ones to get to be united with God all the time in energy and Mind.

We get to laugh and dance and sing with God all day because He is showing up for us to share in our journey of learning how to be light and easy in the world’s day to day. 

When we remember that God is not just our best friend but that He is the very one we want to giggle and be silly with, this gives us the appropriate relationship to have with God.

This definitely makes us look forward to each moment we get to sit with God and frolic with light hearts.  This carries us the whole day so we are sailing through our days with winged feet.


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