ACIM Lesson 318

Lesson 318: “What is the Last Judgement?”  “In me salvation’s means and end are one.”

The Course teaches us that we are the Source of our own salvation.  

The world sees salvation in the world’s attraction.  We get the world’s picture of what we think will feed us emotionally, physically and energetically.

The world is our own private dance in the recesses of our minds because we make it what it is. 

We look for what we think we want to find there.  We find the world with some false promise of salvation.  It seems like the most apparent place to find something that will feed us at the deepest level.

This desire for the inner feeding and inner completion is what the call for salvation is all about. 

We all crave this feeling that we are whole.  Salvation is when we realize we are whole and worthy as we are. 

Salvation is the inner urge we have to find a state of constant peace and comfort within our own minds and selves.

The Course reminds us that we all yearn for salvation where we achieve a state of rest and quiet within that is the foundation upon which is the rest of the world we create.  The Course reminds us that salvation is always within us.  We never have any luck finding it outside of us because it is not there.  Thus, we fail miserably when we try.

The Course wants us to look within and find that part of us that is in peace in the way we are in this moment, with no correction, no improvement. 

This is the simple memory that we are perfectly healed and whole, exactly as we are.  This is the feeling that is the foundation of God’s certainty and feeds us at this deep, deep place within us.

Here, we crave a sense of unity and love that can be filled adequately only with that feeling that we are perfect as we are in our right minds just now.

This lesson reminds us that salvation is expressed through us and is within us always and presently.

Salvation is the knowing we are loved by God and are lovable within ourselves.  

We just need to get out of the way of the perfect experience of our salvation within us. 

God established it there already as He prepared a place for us that we can go in our minds to be perfectly healed.  He wants us to simply stay tuned into the goodness of God that is already within us as God’s creations.


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